7 Ways To Clean Your Mirror Like A Pro

If you talk to people who live in Singapore, they will tell you that at times, mirrors can be frustrating to clean. After going through the cleaning process, you still can notice fogs, streaks of dirt or specks on the surfaces. There also are times when deposits of chemicals can still be noticed after cleaning. This is something that is likely to make the mirrors look even worse than they did before you started the cleaning process. However, there are ways through which you can clean these items like a real professional. You can still have streak-free sparkling mirrors if you learn to do it like a pro.
Choosing the mirror cleaner
Take a look at the commercial mirror cleaner that you are using. Indeed, there are many commercial products that make it difficult for you to get the desired results. For instance, many of them only contain a small amount of vinegar which is diluted with a lot of water. They also are laced with harsh chemicals that always leave a fog after the cleaning. Such chemicals can never be effective no matter how much the manufacturer claims they are. Instead of using such, try to focus on alternatives that are more effective and which will definitely bring about better results.

For the best mirror cleaning like a pro, you should try using one cup of distilled or white vinegar and combine it with one quart of water. With such a high content of vinegar, you can be sure that the process will much easier and that after gett8ng rid of the dirt, you will not have to worry about things such as fogs. The best thing is that in Singapore, vinegar is something that is always available regardless of the time of the ear. You can easily buy it from any of the stores near you and go ahead to use it in your cleaning needs.

Use newspapers
Instead of using other cleaning materials, many professionals use newspapers. The best newspapers are those that do not use soy ink as it always comes off. You may find it more appropriate to crumble it into a usable size. With so many used newspapers every day, you can be sure that finding one can never be too difficult. Even when you do not buy them yourself, there always are many outlets in Singapore where you can find one. You even can ask your neighbours or friend for a one sheet if they have one. You do not even have to use too many newspapers to do this.

For the mirror pre-cleaning process, most professionals use plain water. This is mainly to remove any heavy dirt or marks. For instance, if there are large deposits of dust or mud, you can use water to wash the off first before you go ahead to use the other materials. During this stage, ensure that the cloth you use to get the dirt off is soft and non-abrasive enough so that it does not leave marks on the mirror. You also should make sure that all the heavy dirt is cleaned off so as to make the other process an easier one.

Drying the mirror
The next step is to dip the newspaper into the vinegar and water solution that you had prepared. Use the wet paper to rub the entire surface of the mirror in circles. Make sure that every part is evenly rubbed and that the solution is getting to all the parts. In as much as this may sound simple, studies show that it is the point at which many people go wrong. Remember that the circular movements are meant to ensure that there will be no marks left after you are done. If you do it vertically or horizontally, you will be like drawing small lines on the mirror.

Proceed to use a dry piece if newspaper to finalize the mirror cleaning process. Go over the wet parts and ensure that all the drip is dried off. This will make it easy to avoid drip marks in addition to making the mirror spotlessly clean. If you are doing large scale cleaning, you need to prepare enough materials in order to avoid getting yourself into a confusing situation.

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