How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning?

How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning? When it comes to effectively cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and items like clothes, bleaches will always emerge as a winner among other cleaning products. The majority of cleaning companies in Singapore utilize bleach for cleaning purposes since it leaves the floor clean and disinfected.

However, bleaching products leave a strong smell in every room you use them, which can be quite irritating and sometimes harmful. How?

  • For example, it has been reported to increase breathing difficulties for people with respiratory conditions.
  • Strong bleach smell can be uncomfortable to pregnant women, mainly those who are allergic to strong smells.
  • Some people may experience nausea when they inhale bleach smell.

The solution is not to eliminate bleaches in your cleaning process as it is recommendable, but there are ways that you can get rid of the bleach smell in your home after cleaning. 

Ways to get rid of the bleach smell after cleaning

Open the windows

This is a day-to-day hack we utilize to keep the house smelling fresh and eliminate build-up viruses, gas, and dirt particles in the room.

Also, it allows fresh air to circulate in the room/house, which is good for your well-being. So, the same activity can help eliminate the excessive smell of bleach in your house. Don’t wait until you have finished cleaning to open the windows.

Leave the windows open while cleaning with the bleach to prevent the smell and other chemicals in the bleach from building up in your room. Also, this will help the room take less time to eliminate the smell after cleaning.

Use a fan

Not all homes in Singapore are built with top-notch windows for ventilation purposes. Also, some rooms in the house, such as bathrooms, have smaller windows, which may not help much in allowing ample flow of air to the room. For such cases, a fan will do a great job helping remove the bleach smell after cleaning.

The fan blows to push the inside air outside, including contaminants like bleach smell. Also, a fan can be adjusted, which means you can set the speed higher if the smell is too strong.

Air freshener

With the multiple inventions of different kinds of air fresheners, now you can easily set a room scent of your choice with an air freshener. Air fresheners do wonders in eliminating bad smells in a room, and return, replacing them with great smells.

Air fresheners come in different styles. Some are meant to be sprayed in the room, while others are powered by electricity, whereby they work continuously to diffuse the scent in the room.

Don’t just buy an air fresher that diffuses scent in the room, but opt for models meant to absorb other smells. Such air fresheners are made with natural plant oils that can absorb smells in the area you use them.

Use air purifier

Air purifiers help eliminate air contaminants like mold and excess humidity, and some are made to eliminate foul smells in a room.

So, invest in an air purifier to help you get rid of the bleach smell in your room. Just switch on the purifier after cleaning, and set it to purifying mode. You can leave it for 30 to 45 minutes while running on this mode for effective and quicker results.

Use activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is best known to have high absorbing power for scent. However, it is recommended for people not looking for quick results, probably if you plan to clean the house and leave. So, after cleaning the house, place the activated charcoal powder in the room and leave it to absorb the bleach smell.

What do you do if the bleach smell is on your hands?

Rub lemon on your hands

This is a natural and easier way to remove the bleach smell on your hands after cleaning. The citrus from the lemon helps remove foul smells on surfaces, which is one of the reasons lemons are used for cleaning. So, cut a lemon into two pieces, rub each piece on each hand, leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse.


Vinegar is another cleaning product that you can also use to remove the bleach smell from your hands. Pour vinegar on your hands, rub them gently for a minute or two, rinse the vinegar, and wash your hands with soap and clean water.

Use coffee

Coffee is a well-known exfoliator; in this case, you will need to add other products like baking soda. Mix a tablespoon of coffee and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix them with water to create a paste. Rub the paste on your hands gently for about 2 minutes.

Then rinse off the exfoliation paste and wash hands with clean water and soap. The mixture of coffee and baking soda creates a good neutralizer that will neutralize the strong smell of bleach on your hands.

How to prevent intense bleach build-up?

How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning?

Bleach has a strong smell and health concerns on its own. The last thing you want is to create more hazards by increasing the room’s toxic fumes. Hence, never be tempted to mix bleach with other cleaning solutions like vinegar or baking soda. Instead, you should use the products to eliminate the bleach smell.

Don’t let the bleach sit on the surface for too long. The more time you take before cleaning, the more the bleached smell and chemicals will spread in the room. Thus, it will take longer to get rid of the smell after cleaning. So, let the bleach sit for about 2 to 3 minutes, and then clean it off and rinse thoroughly with clean water and soap.

How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning? – Conclusion

How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning?

These are the best methods to eliminate the bleach smell on your house and hands after cleaning. Also, consider using diluted bleaches for cleaning since they don’t have too strong a scent compared to the undiluted ones. When cleaning your house, leave windows open to prevent the smell from building up.

If you have people allergic to the strong smell, then it is advisable to clean the house while they are away. You don’t necessarily need to clean with bleach daily, do it maybe once or twice a week, depending on how often you access your house.

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