How To Prevent Zika Mosquito From Breeding At Home

Mosquitoes are among the insects that cause nuisance both inside and outside the home. In fact, some species like the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, found in particular parts of the world are responsible for transmitting the deadly Zika virus. However, its Aedes aegypti, commonly referred to as the Zika mosquito, that is the competent vector as feeds on humans only according to recent findings and is responsible for spreading dengue, chikungunya as well as yellow fever. Besides, Zika virus can be transmitted through sex because it is detected in semen, blood, saliva, urine among other body fluids.

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Zika virus is a mild condition. However, most victims exhibit symptoms like rash, fever, muscle pain, joint pain, red eyes, and headache to mention a few after three to seven days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. The symptoms can last up to a week in some instances. Zika doesn’t have much effect on adults but threatens the lives of pregnant women. In Brazil to be particular, it has been accompanied by an unprecedented rise in the number of infants being delivered with unusually small heads, an untreatable condition known as microcephaly. Besides, the babies can suffer from brain damage or can have other defects. That is the key reason authorities are urging pregnant women to abstain from traveling to the stricken regions or stop getting pregnant if they reside in already affected areas.

Despite stepping up public awareness since the outbreak of the deadly Zika virus and more robust enforcement, urging all residents to stem mosquito breeding at their homes in Singapore remains a challenge. A significant portion of breeding grounds for mosquitoes have been detected in homes however not all citizens are taking the necessary precautions seriously or need to be prompted to do so frequently. Joint efforts are sometimes hard to achieve, so a better option is to guarantee personal protection against the mosquitoes. This post, therefore, outlines eight measures you can take to implement mosquito control at your home and keep Zika virus at bay. Keep reading.

1. Eliminate Stagnant Water

You should note that even an inch of standing water is capable of acting as a breeding site for mosquitoes. There are various places in our homes that work as holders for standing water and thus perfect breeding grounds for Zika mosquitoes. For instance pool covers of neglected swimming pools, birdbaths, toys, garden equipment, containers, flat roof, clogged rain gutters to mention a few. Go to your home and check for pools that may act as perfect breeding grounds and eliminate them. If you cannot remove the pools of water, you can pour some oil them that will cut the oxygen supply to the larvae and eventually kill them.

2. Improve Sanitation

Empty containers have various uses in our backyards. However, they collect standing water which facilitates the breeding of mosquitoes. If you have any additional containers lying around your home, it's important throw them away them as soon as possible. On the other hand, ensure that you regularly clean the containers that you use in your yard, or you put holes in them. This is the best way to ascertain that they don’t allow standing water to lie in them. You can use any of the steps mentioned above considering the purpose that the container is intended for. Next, prioritize the cleanliness of your pools. Ensure that you recycle the water in birdbaths or pools regularly.

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3. Create Water Movement

If you are keen, enough you must have noticed that mosquitoes hate moving water. This is because the movement is not conducive for their breeding. Female mosquitoes are fond of laying their eggs in standing water that is full of nutritious plankton, algae, bacteria, and fungi. Immediately their eggs hatch, they grow and develop into adult mosquitoes. However, you can stop them in their tracks before they grow into adults by just creating water movement that is inhospitable for their breeding. Besides, the move will improve the overall health of your pond.

4. Use Mosquito Dunks

Mosquito dunks are the best in chemical control of mosquitoes. They contain an active ingredient known as Bacillus thurengiensis, a bacterium commonly referred to at Bti, that is very toxic to the mosquito larvae when consumed. However, it does not affect humans, pollinators, pests, fish and other wildlife around your home. They can easily be bought online and will dissolve in stagnant water like fishponds, water troughs, birdbaths and rain barrels. They are quite efficient and can last for several months.

5. Eliminate Food Source

In the larval and pupal stage, mosquitoes require algae to survive and grow to adulthood. So, another way of controlling their numbers is to destroy their source of food. Use algaecide to completely eliminate algae and muck reducers to facilitate detritus breakdown in your pond.

6. Use Chemical Larvicides

Chemical larvicides are another solution to the problem. If any of the options mentioned in this post don’t seem to deal with your problem, or you need a quick fix, then larvicides are the best choice that you have. They are available online and should be used as per the given instructions or when mosquito activity is at its peak.

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7. Boost Fish Population

Fish and other water creatures like the minnow, tadpoles, bluegill, bass, and catfish like to feed on mosquito larvae. If you lack fish in your backyard, then it’s time to consider adding some. Some mosquito control bodies in Singapore strongly recommend adding native fish or predacious minnows to ponds for the control of the deadly insects.

8. Keep Grass Short

Do you have tall grass in your yard? Well, they promote the increase in numbers of mosquitoes in your home because they act as their resting place during the day. So, take immediate action and shorten the grass and tidy up bushes to ensure that mosquitoes don’t have a comfortable place in your home.

Wrap Up:

To this end, it's easy to tell that mosquito control has a load of benefits. The eight methods discussed in this post are just the key ones meaning that there are a lot more that could not be included in this piece. Even though mosquitoes originating from nearby areas can still attack you and your loved ones, you can significantly reduce their numbers in your home by following the measures as listed above.

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