Is Aircon Servicing the Same As Aircon Cleaning?

Is Aircon Servicing the Same As Aircon Cleaning? Your home’s aircon unit is one of the most important aspects of your home’s overall performance and functionality. Always ensure that you visit the best local Aircon service company in Singapore for a quick and easy fix or replacement.

Read on – Is Aircon Servicing the Same As Aircon Cleaning?

What Is Aircon Servicing?

Just like your car needs regular servicing, the same applies to your home’s aircon unit. Once you notice a drop in the temperature being produced, poor quality or no airflow, or any other sign that something might be wrong with your AC, it is time to seek professional help.

It doesn’t matter how much time has passed since the last time you had it serviced by an expert; you shouldn’t worry if it’s been years. If your AC unit does have a problem, the sooner it is identified and dealt with, the better for you.

What Is Aircon Cleaning?

Aircon cleaning is the process of replacing your aircon’s filter and cleaning the evaporator coils while your aircon is switched on to ensure optimum performance. This helps in keeping the air ducts clean, by removing any possible contaminants that might hinder the operation of your AC.

This process also removes airborne odors and irritants, as well as allergens that might affect the air quality in your home.

A professional AC cleaning service provider will be able to identify any problems that might exist within your AC unit and advise you on how to proceed. In the case of more serious faults, they will inform you of the parts required and their cost, helping you make the right decision for your home.

Difference Between Aircon Cleaning and Servicing


Aircon cleaning is recommended after every 1,000 hours of operation to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime that may eventually damage your AC unit.

Aircon cleaning involves cleaning the cooling coils as well as removing the air ducts and any space for insects, remnants of dead animals, or other contaminants that might be hiding in your aircon unit.

Your AC specialist will also clean the drain, so ensure that you have this properly cleared beforehand. Check with your AC supplier to find a company that offers professional aircon cleaning services.


When you are dealing with a genuine and reputable home AC service firm, you will be able to find that specialized aircon servicing services are offered to the public.

Aircon servicing is the only way of maintaining your air con unit and getting it back to its best working condition. The basic aircon servicing process includes replacing the filters, adjusting the airflow, and draining water if it has been collected in the unit.

Benefits Of Aircon Servicing And Aircon Cleaning

Is Aircon Servicing the Same As Aircon Cleaning?

1. Energy-efficient operation

An aircon unit that is fully serviced by a qualified technician will be able to produce energy-efficient operations. You will save on your energy consumption, as it won’t need extra power to run.

2. Get more value for your money

A well-maintained AC unit has a longer lifespan and can serve you better, making you money in the process. Paying for and maintaining a service doesn’t just benefit your budget, but everyone in the family too.

3. Safer and better air quality

Cleaning your aircon unit will help remove all sorts of contaminants, such as dust and dirt particles, caked-on grime, odors, and allergens that might come into your home. It not only improves the quality of the air in your home but also protects you from any sort of infection or infection-causing organisms that might be present.

4. Maintaining your AC unit doesn’t have to be expensive

A regular home AC service doesn’t have to be expensive if you can maintain it well. The best way to do this is by cleaning it regularly and having it serviced when required. If there is a problem that needs immediate attention, then a local company will be able to offer you the right solution at a very competitive price.

How To Clean Aircon Yourself

Steps for cleaning your aircon by yourself include;

  • Make sure to turn off the AC and unplug it from the electrical socket.
  • Inspect your aircon unit from top to bottom; Crawl around your room and check every vent that leads outside. Look out for signs of dirt and dirt particles, particularly in corners. Inspect every joint where all pipes meet and inspect the grime that builds up there.

    Also, check any grills or filters behind your AC unit as these can also accumulate a lot of dust and dirt over time.
  • Take out the grills and other filters that are located behind your AC unit so that they don’t get damaged while you clean them. Use a small brush to clean them thoroughly and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and dirt particles.

    Please note that this is an important step as if any of these filters are not cleaned well, they can damage your AC unit in the long term and require the replacement of the components within it.
  • Get a vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the air ducts that you have located in the corners. Use a brush to get rid of any dust that is stuck there and ensure that you do not damage your AC unit during this process.
  • Use a mixture of hot water, leaves, and a little fabric softener mixed to clean off the grime from your AC vents. Ensure that you cover every corner or joint where the pipes meet their respective joints in your aircon unit to ensure complete cleaning.
  • Remove the vents that you think will need cleaning and clean them. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to get rid of dust and dirt from these vents and ensure that you do not damage the aircon unit during this process. Make sure that all joints where your pipes meet are cleaned well and are in perfect working condition.
  • After a thorough cleaning, inspect your aircon filter to ensure that it is in perfect working condition before replacing it in its respective place in your AC unit.
  • Clean your AC unit thoroughly, vacuum it and then make sure that you turn it on. Make sure that no water droplets are dripping from your aircon unit and ensure that the flow of air is coming out alright.
  • Ensure that the AC unit is working fine before you replace all its respective filters in the right position and do not forget to plug your AC back into the electricity socket. Cleaning your AC filters will ensure better airflow and proper cooling of your room.

Finding the Right One-Stop Aircon Services in Singapore

With a large number of aircon services available for your home unit, you might be wondering which one is right for you. Here are a few things to consider to ensure that you pick the best aircon services in Singapore.

1. Check the credentials and qualifications of the service company

You should find a company that has been providing excellent aircon repair or replacement services for a while now. This indicates that they have had to meet strict standards and have had to work tirelessly to achieve that.

2. Be wary of any hidden charges

You should be wary of any unscrupulous technicians when it comes to aircon service as it is a very delicate process and you need the right person to do the job properly. If a technician doesn’t inform you about any extra charges for services above what the quotation has stated, then you should consider yourself lucky!

3. Check for warranties and price options

While service rates might differ for every company, it is important to know what kind of packages or warranties you can get with your aircon service. When such services are offered at a low price, you must be aware of what they are charging you. There might be some companies that offer cheap services, but the quality of their work is not good.

4. Find out which certifications and licenses a company is holding

Aircon service companies are regulated by the government and must hold valid licenses to operate in Singapore. They must also have all the certifications required to carry out aircon repair, installation, servicing, and maintenance. If a company doesn’t have this expertise, you should consider looking elsewhere!

5. Get the reviews from the people that had their service done

Good quality services will always receive good reviews from their customers as it is an indication that they provide excellent workmanship.

Aircon Maintenance Tips in Singapore

Is Aircon Servicing the Same As Aircon Cleaning?

There are four tips that you should consider when you want to ensure that your aircon unit remains in good working condition for the long term.

1. Regularly clean it

When it comes to maintaining your aircon unit, you must regularly clean it by vacuuming all vents and grills with a brush from both sides of your AC unit. Make sure that you do not damage the aircon unit as it will affect its efficiency and also lead to future problems more easily than expected.

2. Check the unit regularly

You must check your AC unit from time to time to ensure that everything is up to date. This will ensure better and more efficient work from your aircon service company.

3. Get it serviced

You should get your AC unit serviced at least once every year to make sure that it functions in the best way possible. This also ensures that all parts are in good working condition and that there’s no excessive wear or tear on them as well.

4. Do not forget to turn it off

While your aircon might be able to turn itself off after a while when it is functioning properly, it is important that you do not forget to turn it off, especially at night when you are asleep.

Is Aircon Servicing the Same As Aircon Cleaning? – Conclusion

Is Aircon Servicing the Same As Aircon Cleaning?

If you want to maintain your aircon unit, you must ensure that you are working with a good aircon service company. This will ensure that your AC functions perfectly and there are no unnecessary breakdowns or problems during the process of your aircon service.

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