What Is The Best Inverter Aircon Brand in Singapore?

What Is The Best Inverter Aircon Brand in Singapore
Best Inverter Aircon Brand in Singapore

Given the fact that the lone city and island of Singapore suffers from oppressive heat and temperatures, there is quite an increasing importance and demand for good air-conditioners as well. Therefore, the people of Singapore are often confused about the brands of air-conditioners that one should buy. There are three main brands of air-conditioners in Singapore. The honest truth is that each of the three brands- Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic, each hailing from Asia, have scaled heights to a greater extent than the American and European brands. However, here is a good comparison of the key brands operating and their respective features.


Among the emerging inverter aircon brands, Panasonic comes up as one of the leading brands. This is mainly because it has done quite well in recent times and swiftly moved on from its declining TV and camcorder segment, which has been gobbled up by Sony and Samsung. Panasonic’s inverter air-conditioners are known for being smart and versatile. They have unique features like the seamless ability to switch different temperatures and so on. Taking a cue from Indian companies like Videocon and Voltas, they are known for being suitable for different climate conditions and their dehumidifier modes. Therefore, Panasonic delivers these benefits for people of Singapore.

The One-Touch feature of the inverter aircon products from Panasonic means that you will be able to adjust the temperature as and how you need it. This goes against the traditional split level format which would be quite difficult to control in different weathers. However, Panasonic suffers from a particularly ill-developed backup service which means that customers can be trapped for quite some time. This has to do with the fact that Panasonic has not really established good branches and establishments. This means that their after-sales service is not quite professional as well. This is one of the reasons why there are better players in the market.


Famed gadget and car maker Mitsubishi has been for quite some time a leader in the field of electronic appliances like inverter aircon products and components. The salient features of the Mitsubishi aircon components are the qualities of energy-efficiency, reliability and smooth operation as well. All these features can be superbly witnessed in the case of the Mitsubishi inverter air-conditioners. Their AC components are machines which have sleek and nifty designs as well. On the other hand, they are also run smoothly and they are also quite eco-friendly as well. Such features have made Mitsubishi far more popular than Panasonic.

However, while Mitsubishi has left a mark in almost every country, it is yet to make its presence felt in new arenas like India and Singapore. This means that Mitsubishi is still lagging behind in such areas. This is because the Mitsubishi ACs are devices that are a tad expensive and this does not go along with the Indian customers. Also, they are not really gearing their efforts towards good marketing and innovative developments as well. This means that their models are quite old-fashioned as well. This means that their products are not really as suave and modern as well.


So, as it goes, it is still Daikin that is the best name to pick in the entire list of the inverter aircon players in Singapore. This is because unlike the above two companies, Daikin has built its reputation entirely around heating, cooling and ventilation equipment for homes and offices as well. The Daikin aircon is a company that has built up a reputation by providing excellent backup services and facilities for people who will use their devices, either household or offices and factories as well. Therefore, Daikin is the best player out there as well. Here are some valid reasons.

The Daikin ensemble is one which consists of a varied and immense range of products. There are air-conditioners which have been designed and customized so as to suit different needs and requirements of household, corporate and industrial needs and requirements as well. Daikin has also built a good and highly competent sales service and maintenance team which has done a great job over and over again. Also, there is the quality of consistency and reliability in services and facilities as well. These are some attributes which have made Daikin the most trusted name in inverter and split air conditioners in Singapore.

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