Where Can I Find The Best Spring Cleaning Company In Singapore

Choosing a spring cleaning company in Singapore can be a tough decision. Particularly if you are the one charged with the task of overseeing the cleaning. Your company will need the highest standards of cleaning watched. Singapore is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and with the high number of people moving about a company needs to maintain its professional image through cleanliness. The company’s cleanliness dictates how their clients will perceive their image. Spring cleaning is a crucial phase and in house is not sufficient enough, that’s why you need to hire experts in spring cleaning. Here is what you should be looking for @bsolute Cleaning Pte Ltd, E Home Services, Auntie Cleaner Singapore cleaner.

Size of your company

Whether you are just regular supermarket or a multinational company, the weight of the decision of getting a cleaner will be a tough one. Narrowing down your list of cleaning service providers needs to done with caution. If you delay in booking in advance you might find all the best companies are fully booked. This may lead you to settling with a low tier cleaning service with a poor record. The bigger your company is, the more work force needed to get it cleaned. Try to researching more about the company in order to make an informed decision.


Most of cleaning charge according to what you want. If you are looking for more comprehensive cleaning, prepare to cough up more. Cleaning agencies will charge you more if you have large premises since they are using more man power and covering more area. If you are looking for a great deal get the complete package and your clients will be attracted to working with you. Be prepared for any extra costs when getting agency. A strict budget will help your business sustain the need of hiring external cleaning services. Some malicious companies may try to charge you exorbitantly always maintain a cleaning checklist. Your budget is key to which company you may hire.

What does the cleaning company specialize in?

This is a key factor in choosing the company that will take up the task. Your in house cleaners may be covering most of the basic cleaning and since you want some form of specialized cleaning you may need to outsource. Specialized cleaning saves a lot, particularly when going for a more detailed cleaning service. For example your company may be just looking for a chair cleaning company and your decision in choosing a company will be affected by this. You can focus on what you need and what you don’t need. Although spring cleaning is generally an all out cleaning day your budget may dictate on which service you should choose.

Experience in the field

Experience matters a lot and if you want a thorough cleaning job done choose a firm that has great experience. Old cleaning companies have mastered the art of cleaning efficiently. Singapore has its own climatic conditions and with an older fir they certainly know how to work it out. You can also go for a lesser experienced company if you are looking to get new experience. The better the feedback of the company the better the results. This is not measured by their experience, but by their work. A company that has been around for a while might also frustrate you when trying to get a thorough job done.

Cleaning products used

The cleaning products used can also weigh in on the decision of choosing a cleaning company. When try to avoid lawsuits which may be a result of a product a cleaning company used. If the environment comes into mind getting an environment friendly company is the way to go. In case you are running a play center using toxic substances may bring children to harm. Most of the children love to eat stuff from the ground and it may be contaminated. Go into the specifics of cleaning company policies and look out for which cleaning agents they are using. Eco friendly policies are good, but can end being pricy.

Are they a franchise?

With a franchise, you get multiple office locations and dedicated cleaning services. More offices equals to more staff. Depending your need for more cleaning staff you can try out a franchise. Cleaning companies with big chains dedicate their services to satisfy their clients, but sometimes due to the workload they may end up being unfulfilling. A smaller business may also give finer work because of lesser workload and its trying to establish itself in the market. A great thing with a franchise cleaning service is that they have built a name for themselves and might have great cleaning techniques.

Are they insured?

It is common for accidents to happen. A bleaching agent may damage your expensive carpet or chair. An insured company saves you from the risk of losing expensive furniture due to negligence or an accident. Instead of spending countless hours arguing over how compensation look for a cleaning agency with great cleaning cover. This will save you from work related problems and you will enjoy a risk free cleaning service.

Reviews and references of the company

Good reviews also assure that the cleaning company is good at what they are doing. When a client expectations are met they reward the company and also recommend them to their peers. This shows that are satisfied with their work. When searching for cleaning company look out for these traits and you will be satisfied with what you get.

Types of clients they target?

A cleaning company targeting a specific niche of agencies proves that they know what their client need. If your image is that of a corporate business it is better you look for a corporate cleaning service. They will know which specific areas need thorough cleaning in order to uphold your image. Their level of specialization will be high and so is the detail of their work. Chances are they will charge cheaper because they know what they are doing.

With these tips finding a spring cleaning company in Singapore will be easy.

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