Why Hire A Part-time Maid In Singapore? (With Video)

Why Hire A Part time Maid In Singapore
Video on Why Hire A Part-time Maid In Singapore?

Why should you hire a part-time maid in Singapore? Doesn’t a maid make your life easier? Singapore, over time, has touched new heights of development. And we can’t ignore the role of the maids in its development. After all, people work freely at their offices when these maids care for their homes. Hence, a maid is no less than a blessing if you’re often busy at work.

Singapore has limited land space. Consequently, space is quite at a premium for the country. That eliminates the desire to have a live-in maid for most single inhabitants. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to DIY all your household tasks. Hiring a part-time maid is an option that goes beyond amazing. Also, affordable domestic help is one of Singapore’s hugest benefits. Should you hire a weekend part-time maid then? Let’s find out.

What can a weekend part-time maid help you with?
A full-time maid can help you with anything you need. From preparing your food to cleaning your house and picking kids from school, there’s nothing left to worry with a full-time maid. But not everyone needs that all. So we have an alternate option of part-time maids with limited services. What can these maids do for us?

Part Time Maid
Part Time Maid

Weekend part-time maids can help you with cleaning. These maids will vacuum, dust and mop your house. Also, part-time maids clean your toilets and kitchens as well. They would do your dishes, laundry, and even iron your clothes. If it’s anything about cleaning, you have part-time maids always at your disposal.

An agency or an independent maid: what’s better?

Another important question is whether to hire an agency or an independent maid. However, a bit more expensive, part-time maid agencies guarantee more reliability. There are several reputed maid agencies within Singapore.

By hiring one of these agencies, you make sure you hire professionals. If you don’t like your maid you can simply replace her. Also, a maid from the agency would show up no matter what. And, if your maid isn’t available for some reason, the agency makes sure that a substitute reaches your place to do the job. So, you’re all sorted by hiring a part-time maid agency.

Part time maid cleaning cabinets
Part time maid cleaning cabinets

Benefits of part-time maids

With a part-time maid, you get a lot of flexibility. There are times when you aren’t in the town for a while. Then there also are times when you decide to do the cleaning yourself. A part-time maid lets you have that liberty. You can skip her presence whenever you want and save a few bucks. And, if you share your apartments with other roommates, you can do with even lesser costs.

Even if we compare the prices, part-time maids cost you much lesser than permanent ones. For instance, if you hire a permanent live-in maid for your house, you’ll be paying her something between $500 to $750 for a month. On the other hand, a part-time cleaner hired for 4-hours a week would cost you merely an average of $400 for a month. That’s less than half of what you pay your permanent maid.

Are weekend part-time maids worth the investment?

It’s hard to manage the household when in a routine work schedule. That makes a maid a prime necessity for a smooth lifestyle. But how worthy hiring a weekend part-time maid can be? Depends on what you need form your maid.

Do your house needs include cooking, take care of kids, and always be available for any work? You need a permanent live-in maid in that case. However, if, your household needs are limited to cleaning only, a permanent maid won’t be a very smart idea. Hiring a part-time weekend maid is much economical.

MOM law Singapore
MOM law Singapore

What does the MOM law say?
As per the local laws in Singapore, permanent residents can legally work as maids in private households. However, there’s no guarantee that these maids been trained or insured. So the whole risk is up to you. Also, if you’re considering sharing a Foreign Domestic Worker or FDW of a friend, you might be in trouble. It’s illegal in Singapore to hire another person’s FDW as a part-time made.


Now you have a lot of reasons to hire a part-time weekend maid in Singapore. So if you’re mostly concerned about cleaning and laundry, nothing serves better than having a part-time maid. That’s probably the best choice for a single person. However, consider having a permanent live-in maid if you have your family and kids.

Maids are an all-important part of our lives. We depend on our maids for a lot of things. But when hiring a maid, we all have to make a very critical decision. Whether to hire a permanent or a part-time maid? And with all the information we’ve gathered here, we think the decision isn’t be very tough for you.

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