Why My Aircon Compressor Keeps Turning On And Off?

If you live in Singapore, you don't need to be told how unbearable indoors life can be when you do not have a good air conditioning system. This is especially during summer. If your aircon compressor keeps turning on and off, it means that there is a problem. What might be causing this? Here are some things you might want to check out.

Why My Aircon Compressor Keeps Turning On and Off?
Is the Coolant Level Okay?
This is especially if you have had the aircon for a long time. It might be running low on the level of coolant. If it is a new compressor, check for leaks. 

Electrical and Mechanical Problems
The mechanical parts of the system may be causing the problem. You need to check whether they are working properly. This might be a bit technical prompting you to seek the services of a professional technician. At times, the problem may be related to electrical components of the compressor. There could be damaged electric wires or a short circuit in the system. What should you do when the aircon keeps turning on and off?

If you are not an expert in this field, you should get a professional to handle the compressor problems. This ensures that the problem does not reoccur or get worse. Your safety and that of your house is also something to think off. You should not go for any company that promises to fix the problem. Take time to vet the aircon service providers to make sure that you only have the best working for you. Here are some things you should check out first.

Level of Experience
You are already frustrated with the current problems you have to put up with. Especially during the hot season, you cannot afford to have a service provider who does not know what he is doing come fix the aircon. Make sure that they have enough experience. You can even request to talk to some of its former clients. Ask friends for recommendations. This is an easier way of finding an experienced company to handle the problem.

Companies that take their work seriously treat clients with respect. All their dealings are professional. They do not promise what they cannot give. They keep appointments, do not charge more than they should and most importantly, when they take up a job, they make sure that the problem is taken care of as soon as possible. They do not take your money then disappear for days or months. 

What do others who have used their services have to say about them? This is important because you get to know whether you can rely on their services or not. Check forums and from people around you. 

The Cost
Some companies will charge you more than others for the same service. Find out why they do it. Can you afford their services? Will you need to go for a cheaper option? Also find out why they are charging cheaper that their competitors. Is it because they offer substandard services or they want to attract more clients? Sometimes, cheaper options are not always the best.

Once you find a reputable company to take care of the problem, it is your duty to ensure that the aircon works smoothly. How do you do this?

Regular Maintenance Practices
If you were not servicing the aircon regularly, may be that is why it developed problems to the extent of it going on and off. Regular maintenance practices are mandatory if you want it to work effectively and serve you for long. An experienced technician will book for you regular appointments when the aircon needs to be checked. During the maintenance service visit, any problems can be detected and dealt with before they deteriorate. The electrical and mechanical parts are also serviced to make sure that they are working effectively.

During search visits, if there are any problems, the technician can be able to advise you accordingly. Quick action is necessary to ensure that your quality of life is not affected. When you maintain a regular aircon maintenance practice, you will be reducing the chances of it developing problems such as turning on and off. You will also not have to look for a new compressor anytime soon as a well maintained aircon can serve you for very many years.

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