Why You Should Service Your Aircon Before Chinese New Year

With the arrival of Chinese New Year everyone in Singapore gets influenced with the festival mood and most of the people go on holidays to participate in the New Year celebrations. The arrival of New Year excites everyone to celebrate the occasion with their families, friends and other nearest relatives by visiting each other’s homes and greeting them with good wishes. So to make your guest comfortable at this occasion you should go for aircon servicing much before the arrival of this festival. This will not only make your guest feel comfortable but also impress them with your concern about their comfort.

So to make your guests comfortable you should be sure that your aircons in your home are working properly to provide adequate air supply as per the needs of the environment in Singapore. If your aircon did not work properly in the presence of your guests at the occasion of Chinese New Year then it will decline your reputation among them. You can avoid such situation by contacting an aircon servicing company before the start of festival celebrations. 

Some other reasons for which people in Singapore prefer aircon servicing before Chinese New Year are provided hereunder for your consideration. 

Unhygienic environment: You can improve your living style by improving the environment in your home but if your aircon is not working properly then your plan can not be fulfilled. By improving the hygienic condition of your home through aircon servicing can help you in making your guest comfortable even if he has some respiratory problem or allergy. It becomes more necessary to get your aircon serviced before Chinese New Year as you may expect many guests at this occasion. You can easily improve the environment of your home by checking the toxic elements produced by your aircon during its servicing. Alongwith toxic elements your aircon can cause respiratory problems to the inhabitants of your home including guests through the dust particles present in its air, if it is not properly serviced in time. You should immediately contact a professional aircon servicing individual or company to get all the problems including its maintenance resolved before Chinese New Year. In this way you can reduce the level of toxic gases like carbon monoxide etc. considerably to make your guests and visitors comfortable at this occasion.

Rising electricity bills: By getting your aircon serviced before Chinese new year you will be able to save lots of money not only by reducing the energy consumption but also by avoiding rush with the aircon servicing companies. If you have not got your aircon serviced in time then you will have to be ready to pay higher energy consumption bills alongwith affecting the life of the people living in your home. Moreover increasing rush with the aircon service providers at the time of New Year festival will also compel you either to wait for your turn or to pay at higher rate to get your aircon serviced at the last moment. Additionally you can reduce your electricity bill considerably by getting your aircon serviced before festival season as it will be used for longer time at this occasion as compared to routine days. Lots of energy is consumed by your aircon if its filter, coils and drain pipes are locked due to accumulation of dust and grime in them. You can also improve the efficiency of your aircon by cleaning all of its parts affected by the air flow. 

Additional and unnecessary expenses: If your aircon is facing technical problems at the time of Chinese New Year then it will be an odd situation for you in front of your guests. It will compel you either to face inconvenience or spend more money unnecessarily to buy a new aircon for your home. So it is better for you to hire an aircon servicing company before the arrival of New Year celebrations to avoid such unwanted expenditure which you can use to enjoy the occasion. Moreover rising cost of aircon at the time of festival season can compel you to spend more on this account while purchasing a new one.

So these are some of the reasons for which you should opt for aircon servicing in Singapore before Chinese New Year. 

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