Professional Rug Cleaning Service – Stain and Odor Removal

Professional Rug Cleaning Service - Stain and Odor Removal
Professional Rug Cleaning Service – Stain and Odor Removal

Professional Rug Cleaning Service – Stain and Odor Removal. Rugs are often harder to clean than carpets, particularly those colorful and plush long pile rugs. For starters, getting to the base of the pile in such rugs is incredibly hard. Unfortunately, that’s where the settled dirt turns into a breeding ground for germs. Hence, regular deep cleaning is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

And that’s just one of the reasons to consider a professional rug cleaning service. Chances are, you may have already enlisted expert assistance before. If not, here is a look at when to call in the pros for rug stain and odor removal. Also listed are some of the benefits of doing so. But first, the most critical question of all. Read on – Professional Rug Cleaning Service – Stain and Odor Removal

Why do you need to spend for a professional rug cleaning service?

why hire professional carpet cleaner?
why hire professional carpet cleaner?

Area rugs are not typically affixed to the floor like wall-to-wall carpet. Hence, it’s trickier to vacuum them. To add to the problem, the deep pile means that dust quickly reaches the bottom layers. Often plush rugs are more prone to dirt accumulation than short-pile carpets. And if that’s not enough, the fibers of a rug tend to be softer. So, the dust has a sandpaper effect on them. The particles fray the fibers as they get rubbed in deeper with each footfall.

But that’s not where the issues end. Brightly colored rugs, even the more expensive oriental ones, don’t respond well to regular cleaning products. At best, you may not be able to get rid of the stains entirely with cleaning foams and liquids. At worst, you may have color bleeds, spot discoloration, and minor rips, eventually leading, eventually leading to tears.

When should you opt for a professional rug cleaning service?

paw prints stained on rug
paw prints stained on rug

No matter how judiciously you stick to your weekly rug cleaning sessions, you must call in the pros once a year. But this thumb rule only works in optimal situations. You may need professional rug cleaning at other times or more frequently. For instance:

1. If you have allowed that stain to get old: 

When an old wine or coffee stain persists on your carpet, it’s time to involve the pros. Similarly, when even the most meticulous round of vacuuming does not freshen up the rug, it is best to call in the experts.

2. If your DIY stain removal methods have failed: 

Often stubborn stains don’t heed to homemade and even store-bought cleaning products. If anything, the color continues to be a bother below the top visible layer of the pile. Such deep colors will undoubtedly need professional attention.

3. If you have pets and kids: 

Pets and kids often prance all over the rug with muddy shoes and paws. Then, they proceed to plop down on the very same dirt-laced rug. So, homes with children and fur babies need professional rug cleaning services every 3 to 6 months.

4. If your allergies have been flaring up: 

When allergies start troubling you, your rugs may be the breeding ground for the allergens. If you are prone to allergies, get a professional service to clean your rugs every 1-2 months.

5. If something smells a bit off indoors:

Dirty rugs are a harboring ground for fungus, mold, and dust mites. These and other chemical pollutants will give off an odd smell. If you have already checked the upholstered furniture and curtains, the area rugs may be a problem. And if they are, it’s best to let the professionals handle the cleaning.

6. If the rub test returns negative

Rub your palm on the rug for 10 seconds. If you have visible dirt on your hand or feel particle matter, the floor covering is in dire need of a deep cleaning session.

Benefits of enlisting the help of a professional service for rug stain and odor removal

professional service for rug stain and odor removal
professional service for rug stain and odor removal

1. Onsite and offsite cleaning: 

A professional rug cleaning service will offer onsite and offsite rug cleaning, depending on where the rug is used. For instance, offsite will be more suitable if the carpet needs a deep cleaning, but you have a wooden floor underneath it. Similarly, off-site cleaning will be better if only the runner rug needs professional cleaning while the carpet underneath is clean

2. Fabric and fiber-specific cleaning:

Different rugs require different cleaning techniques, tools, and products. Professionals will carefully evaluate the carpet in terms of the fabric and colors used and the type and degree of staining and degradation. This step is crucial for expensive rugs.

3. Safer cleaning and maintenance: 

The big problem with rugs, particularly bright-colored pieces, is that harsh and acidic cleaning solutions often lead to color bleeds and fading. Because a reputable rug cleaning service will have experience handling various types of rugs, you can rely on them for thorough and safe cleaning.

4. Efficient cleaning that goes deep into the pile: 

Plush rugs are particularly susceptible to deep staining and more significant accumulation of debris. Unfortunately, using a lot of liquids like cleaning solutions and water while cleaning leads to moisture retention.

This can quickly lead to mold growth and create a host of issues. A professional rug cleaning service will use special techniques to ensure all the moisture is drawn out of the pile. The result is a dry and clean rug that smells amazing.

5. A complete overhaul of the floor coverings: 

Regarding delicate rugs, the fibers tend to flatten over time. Moreover, carpets used as runners in high-traffic areas show signs of wear quickly. Similarly, the hybrid cut and loop pile rugs tend to accumulate much debris where the pile size changes.

In time this makes even bright-colored rugs look dirty and dull. A round of professional cleaning draws out the filth and helps to put the fibers back in their original shape. So your carpets look better and last longer.

Gift your home and yourself a clean and healthy indoor environment!

clean and healthy indoor environment
clean and healthy indoor environment

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a professional rug cleaning service is that they offer precision spot and odor removal procedures. Their tools, as are the cleaning products and methodology used, are correct. Plus, the entire procedure is completed quickly and with minimal impact on your regular schedule. Furthermore, after a round of professional cleaning, you will get better results from subsequent vacuuming and regular cleaning sessions.

Also, let’s not forget that proper and regular cleaning and maintenance of rugs extend their lifespan. Hence, it safeguards your investment in expensive rugs. And last but not least, getting the carpets cleaned professionally considerably and conspicuously improves indoor air quality.

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