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Specialising in all types of cleaning services such as part time maid, carpet cleaning, end of tenancy, office cleaning & aircon services


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    #1 Part Time Maid, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, End Of Lease Cleaning & Aircon Services. Call us now +65 8488 8444

    We Are Specialists in Part Time Maid, One Time Cleaning, Aircon Servicing, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Office Cleaning & Curtain Cleaning

    Why Choose us as your cleaning company, part time maid, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning service & aircon services

    Singapore is a dynamic country with a very fast-paced environment. Every day, you will see people rushing to work and multi tasking. But even with the busy life, people should never forget to take care of their domestic errands. However, if you really can’t fit some tasks into your hectic schedule, hiring a cleaning service will save you from this dilemma. And one of the country’s best help is Absolute Services. However, before anything else, we should first answer this one, big question: Why choose us as your cleaning company?†Here are the reasons why:

    Our part-time maid or house cleaners do their job with customer’s satisfaction as their main goal. They are well trained and naturally nice, friendly and very easy to talk to. Other than that, being professional, competent, thorough, and reliable are the qualities we constantly impose on our people. Our customers can testify to this claim as they are always thankful to have worked with the people in our company.

    Every household needs to maintain its cleanliness. But with a busy day at work, it’s hard to do the cleaning yourself. That’s where our company comes into the picture. Our services provide Part Time maid, Carpet Cleaning, and Laundry & Aircon Services. And we ensure that we get the job done fast and efficient. So, when you come home from a hard day’s work, you will enjoy a relaxing day with your loved ones, instead of spending those extra precious time cleaning.

    Our company makes sure that the job is done at top quality and superb efficiency. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work. But not only that, we exceed their expectations. Everybody wants a home or a place where you can be free from nuisances, especially those that we see from our homes itself. Therefore, it is important for us to achieve this for our customers on detail and on time.

    We understand that you may become a bit skeptical relying your home or place with a cleaning service and with people you does not know. But this would not happen under our company. With our trusted personnel and quality work, our service will definitely give you peace of mind. No need to worry that something may go wrong because we will never let that happen. Throughout or years in service, we have only obtained nothing more than positive feedback.

    The best thing above all, we offer our services with reasonable rates. Cheaper companies finish with unsatisfactory work, and it is impractical to get yourself a cleaning service that is costly yet leaves you unsure whether they will give the worth of your money back. With our company, our rates are definitely worth the work we do—affordable yet excellent.

    There are plenty of cleaning companies in the country but only choose the best for your home. Absolute Service offers Part Time Maid, Carpet Cleaning, Laundry, and Aircon Services with work and personnel that will leave customers satisfied and keep them coming back. This is the service you can rely on.

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    The importance of choosing a trusted cleaning company,
    part time maid, carpet cleaning, laundry & aircon services

    Many Singaporeans get the wrong concept when it comes to selection of companies which provide the following services:

    Most of them think that the selection of trusted service providers is an expensive endeavor that can be evaded by simply going for cheaper service providers. Some home owners still believe that engaging a professional who is registered with the government is a luxury that is worthless. If you have been in doubt about the benefits of engaging a professional, here are some of the most important benefits of engaging trusted service providers.

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    Absolute aircon services

    Absolute aircon services

    Nobody can deny the fact that whenever we buy some assets, we normally possess little knowledge when it comes to their care and maintenance. For instance, when you decide to buy a car, you need not train to be a mechanic. This is because if your car breaks down, you will only need to consult a mechanic. The same thing applies to our carpet, vents and chimneys, the availability of trusted care and maintenance providers will save us the trouble of having to understand the working and care of such items.

    While selecting the service providers, it pays to go for trusted companies, companies that value their customers. Honestly, it won’t be pleasant to engage a fraudster. Take the case of a household who engages unrecognized part time maids. Singapore has laid down strict rules that govern the maid industry and the law will not be lenient to those who contradict it. Away from the repercussions from the law, you won’t like your house to be left with unrecognized service providers.

    With the current economic upheavals, everyone has been forced to work extra harder in order to make ends meet. As a busy person, it is beneficial to hire trusted service providers. They will assist you in organizing your home while you go out to fend. If you want to stay organized at home without wasting time, a qualified service provider will assist you to attain that.

    Trusted service providers understand that their continued existence and progress in business is dependent on the attention and understanding that they give their customers. They understand that failure to impress their customers by offering the best service at customer-friendly prices will face them out of business. Take the case of a greedy laundry provider. The provider may offer compromised services at high prices since it will strive to maximize its returns before its poor services are identified.

    Don’t also forget that service providers that are aware that the quality of their services will never sustain them for long will do anything to ensure that they get huge returns before they are eliminated by competent service providers. While charging high prices is not the only case, they will also take little care of your property. The worst hit industry is the Aircon cleaning industry. Most accidents that are received result from poor maintenance.

    The bottom line

    Trusted service providers are always beneficial. It is therefore essential to treat it with seriousness. Don’t forget that certain insurers may fail to compensate in case of accidents if you use unregistered service providers.

    A cleaning company should be able to clean each and every component in your house or office. The walls, carpets, windows, electronic appliances, roof, fabrics, and everything else you want to be cleaned in your home or office. Everything should be thoroughly cleaned when a cleaning company finishes its job. However, when you hire an unreliable company, some parts or components in your house or office may not be cleaned. Unreliable cleaning companies are only after your money. They will do a shoddy job and they demand payment at the end. To avoid being a victim of such companies, get as much information about a company as possible before hiring. This is the only way to ensure that you get a reliable cleaning company.

    Most Singapore homeowners usually fall victim to unreliable part time maids because they do not do background checks before hiring. You can only get reliable part time maids from a legitimate cleaning company. Why should you give a person who can steal from you full access to your home? This is exactly what you do when you hire a part time maid who is not from a reputable cleaning company. When you hire maids from a registered cleaning company, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not find anything missing when you give them access to your house. You can also complain to the company when a maid does work that is below the required standards. Also, if a maid attached to a reliable company gets injured when working, you will not have to worry about incurring more costs since the company will take care of the medical expenses.

    Discover @bsolute: Singapore’s leading expert in sofa, mattress, carpet, and office carpet cleaning services. Dedicated to providing Singaporeans with unmatched quality and precision, our friendly cleaning methods ensure deep cleansing and sparkling results every visit. Trust @bsolute for a cleaner, fresher living and working space

    It is wise to hire an experienced air conditioning technician than attempting to service your air conditioning equipment by yourself. After all, air conditioning repair and servicing only happens a few times a year. To be sure that you are only hiring experts, deal with a reputable air con services company. It is the only way to guarantee yourself good service.

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