Disinfect And Sanitize: Keep Your Office Safe, Clean And Smelling Nice

Disinfecting and sanitizing service
Disinfecting and sanitizing service

Looking for disinfecting and sanitizing services in Singapore? Keeping disease-causing germs away from your workplace is impossible, but it doesn’t mean you’ll just allow microbes to infiltrate without a fight. A fresh-smelling and clean-looking office may seem harmless, but this is how bacteria and viruses thrive unless you clean to a microscopic level.

Disinfecting and sanitizing the Jobsite safeguard a healthy and germ-free abode for you and your workmates. It lowers the risk of several health problems due to bacteria and fungi. However, you can’t achieve this without the help of a reliable disinfection and sanitization service.

Germ And Disease Fact Sheet

Certain microbes can linger on surfaces through extreme temperatures, for at least 24 hours. It is perceived that up to 4 billion microbes live on a kitchen dishcloth.

Here is additional information that may make you want to go germ-free:

  1. Germs can spread through person-to-person contact.
  2. Germs can enter the body through the eyes, nose, mouth, and breaks in the skin.
  3. Germs can be transferred from surfaces to your hands and vice-versa.
  4. More than 100 million school and work days are lost annually due to the common cold and foodborne illnesses.
Disinfection service pricing in Singapore
Disinfection service pricing in Singapore

Disinfection Vs. Sanitization

Although these two provide cleanliness on a deep level, technically, they are unlike the other.

Disinfecting and sanitizing in progress
Disinfecting and sanitizing in progress

Sanitizing reduces the number of germs existing on a surface. Examples would be the dishwashing liquid you use for your plates or the alcohol-based hand sanitizer for your hands. They reduce but not completely eliminate the risk of exposure to microbe-related issues.

Here are a few important reasonswhy you should sanitize:

Health Is Wealth

A clean and sanitized office keeps you, your colleagues, and your guests safe from certain allergies and illnesses. This will save you from more toxic medical bills in the long run.

The Sixth Scents

Let’s face it, the smell of a filthy garbage can does not make us feel warm and fuzzy. Not only does a deep clean eradicate bad odor, but most sanitizing solutions come in fresh-smelling scents. Make your living space smelling like pine trees in the Alps.

Less Stress

Going to work in a clean and germ-free workplace helps you relax, thus lowering your stress level. It is a million times better to buckle up feeling like you’re in a 5-star hotel than a production line of canned mackerel.

Disinfecting involves the complete eradication of all the germs lingering around your office. One of the simplest forms of disinfecting is dunking utensils in boiling water or spraying a garbage can with disinfectant after emptying it.

Aside from eliminating germs, here are a few other benefits of disinfecting:

Erase The Unseen

Disinfecting doorknob
Disinfecting doorknob

The surfaces of the office kitchen, bathroom counters, toilet seats, and doorknobs may be contaminated with microscopic-level germs. Regular cleaning products cannot handle them but they are no match to disinfectants.

No Bouncing Around

Disease-causing bacteria can spread through cleaning sponges and cloths when improperly cleaned.

Deep Cavity Clean

Bodily fluids that may have been accidentally excreted when you sweat, talk, laugh, or sneeze can survive on any surface for several days. This may lead to the most common illness such as cough and colds, or more serious and chronic ailments.

Disinfecting and sanitizing can remove harmful microbes before they can be seriously and contagiously harmful to anyone. The difference lies in the number of germs that they eliminate. A good disinfection and sanitization service is essential for the health and well-being of you and your officemates.

Why Disinfect And Sanitize?

Disinfection benefits
Disinfection benefits

Some would revel in the thought of spending a few hours each day to ensure cleanliness in the office or the home. However, there is no match to the skills of a professional disinfecting and sanitization service.

Here are a few benefits:

Safety First

Professional disinfecting and sanitizing services use safe and government-approved cleaning agents. They are well-versed in getting rid of potentially dangerous pathogens without exposing the office’s inhabitants to other health threats.

Top Shelf Technology

Cleaning and disinfecting
Cleaning and disinfecting

These specialists have access to the latest and safest tools that eliminate harmful viruses like sprayers that cleanse a contaminated area quickly and accurately.

Future Tensed

There is nothing more painful than a contamination recurrence since it tends to be more powerful and contagious than the first one. Professional cleaning services not only wipe out existing germs, but they also provide protection against any form of bacteria reappearance.

Most people spend a third of their day in the workplace. The expertise of a professional disinfecting and sanitization service ensures sanitation and safety while you’re in your home away from home.

Disinfection service in Singapore
Disinfection service in Singapore
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