How To Choose The Right Aircon Services in Singapore?

Living in Singapore can be challenging because of the hot tropical weather. To be comfortable and be able to function efficiently throughout the day, most residents have air conditioners installed in their homes and offices. This equipment is a bit expensive, so you need to make sure that it is properly and regularly serviced to lengthen its life. The month leading to summer is the ideal time to make a thorough checkup of the unit to make sure that your air conditioning system is working perfectly. You would not want to see it breakdown in the middle of a hot day in Singapore. For this, you will need an aircon service company to do the job. Here are some tips to help you find the best service company.

Expertise and Experience

You should only trust your air conditioner at the hands of the experts, or else, your unit may end up damaged instead of being fixed. When you call a servicing company, ask them if their technicians are certificate holders and if they have considerable experiences. It is important that the company provide continuous trainings to their technicians because aircon models are not all the same. New technologies use new systems that traditional technicians may not know about. Further, expert technicians will know the most cost-effective way of fixing your unit and they can do it fast compared to inexperienced technicians.

Legitimacy of Business

Only transact with an aircon service company that holds a license to operate. This industry is well regulated, which means that they are required to follow the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. This ensures that your unit will be given the best service. Legitimate companies are also required to have an insurance, so that any damages or injury that may happen during the job will be covered by it.

Untainted Reputation

You would not want to hire a company that leaves a job unfinished and continually provide unsatisfactory services. That will just give you a headache and make you waste your money. Ask around from your friends or colleagues who have hired the same company. If they give good words about the company, then you can stop worrying. You can also look at online reviews because unsatisfied customers usually use the web to let other clients know about their disappointments or grievances.

Excellent Customer Service

If the company you plan to hire cannot get back and answer your queries, then chances are they will not give you the best customer support later on. This is an important consideration because if their technicians do something wrong in the future, you would want your concerns to be handled efficiently and promptly.

Professional Service

Deal with a company who value you as their client. If you ask for a quotation or a schedule for the maintenance, they should give you written reports and meet their obligations. A professional company should also prepare a contract to protect both of your interests.


Of course, cost will always be a factor. As much as possible, go for an aircon service company that charges a competitive fee. Be wary of those who charge very minimally because their service may just be as poor, but also avoid outrageous fees.

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