5 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning is a regime required for all home owners in Singapore. Carpets, despite which room they are in, collect dirt, dust, stains and mites after a certain period of time. This means that they should be cleaned regularly, but not too often. Cleaning can either be surface or deep depending on the level of dirt on the carpet. These 5 mistakes will teach owners what to avoid doing in order to clean their carpets effectively.

1. Over-reliance on DIY
Don’t get it wrong, DIY processes are good for cleaning homes but it gets to a point where professional services are needed. This especially goes for deep carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners in Singapore have the most efficient tools and they use the best methods of deep cleaning. This takes out all the dirt, stains and mites by giving carpets a thorough clean. They use high powered machines such as high pressure vacuum for cleaning. Their methods give carpet owners the chance to choose a method that will assure them of fast drying of the carpet. Also, professionals know what to use and what not to use on each material. As such, the quality of the carpet will be upheld even after cleaning.

2. Lack of immediate action towards spills
How are stains formed? This should be the question on everyone’s mind. Stains come from spillage of foods and drinks on the carpet. When one takes too long to react, reaction means immediate cleaning, the spilled item seeps through the fabrics of the carpet. It spreads over a large area and eventually forms a patch that is too hard to clean. It discolors that particular spot and reduces the face value of the carpet. Such stains are extremely hard to clean as they take too much time and resources to finally come off some may not come off. In the event that something has spilled on your carpet, clean it off immediately. It might save your from having to bear with an ugly stain on your carpet.

3. Using wrong products and methods
Home owners should know that what works for one carpet does not work for the next, unless they are of the same material. The first step in carpet cleaning should be identifying the type of carpet one is dealing with. In this case, using the manufacturer’s descriptions will be of great help. After knowing the material, read the manufacturer’s instructions on the most appropriate method of cleaning that particular carpet. If this information is not available, ask an expert cleaner or use the internet to search for professional answers. These answers will tell you the solutions, detergents and methods of cleaning to use on your carpet. With the tools at hand, first carry out a test on a small spot of the carpet to see how and whether they work. You can then proceed to clean the whole carpet. Guessing the tools to use is one of the worst cleaning mistakes.

4. Frequent cleaning
It is best to note that experts advise on regular carpet cleaning, but not frequent carpet cleaning. Cleaning your carpet weekly or every two weeks is actually a huge mistake. Why? Frequent cleaning of carpets often leads to damage of the material. The carpet’s fabrics get pulled due to frequent aggressive cleaning. The color may eventually fade and the carpet will lose its face value. Stick to regular cleaning after quite a lengthy period of time. No matter which room your carpet is in, it definitely does not need excessive cleaning.

5. Surface cleaning only
Surface cleaning is good, but only for short term purposes. It removes the surface dirt off of carpets and enhances fast drying of carpets. However, it should not be the only carpet cleaning regime you use as it does not substitute deep cleaning. Make sure that you employ deep cleaning methods at least twice a year. Deep cleaning methods ensure that the carpet is cleaned inside and out. It cleans the surface as efficiently as it cleans the inner fabrics of the carpet. Also, deep cleaning ensures that your carpet stays clean for quite a long time before the next process becomes necessary.

Most readers have committed at least one or some of these cleaning mistakes. Not to worry though since from now on, you can choose to clean in the best way possible. Note that proper cleaning of carpets contributes to the durability of the same. 

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