5 Mistakes To Avoid When Polishing Your Marble Floor

The unique characteristics of marble make it the preferred flooring option for homes and office buildings. It adds a touch of luxury to your home and office, especially when it matches the decor of your room. Since marble is available in so many designs and colors, it can be used by homeowners in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and the hallway. Today, marble is used in many hospitals because of its hypo-allergic properties. The hypo-allergic property of marble helps you clean it easily, especially when you have little time to complete the job. Marble is also considered to be hygienic and safe because it does not allow bacteria and microbes to survive on the surface.

If you have decided to polish the marble floors in your home or office, you must know how to polish it properly to prevent any damage to the surface. Most people make several mistakes when polishing their marble flooring which can cause irreparable damage to their floor.

Mistakes to Avoid When Polishing Your Marble Floor

Here are some common mistakes you must avoid when polishing your marble flooring. These simple mistakes can cause considerable damage to your flooring.

Check the quality of the marble floor before polishing

At times, you may not get the desired results even after using premium technique to polish the surface. Imagine using natural methods to polish cultured marble flooring. This will not only damage the flooring, but will also increase your expenses. Here are a few tips to help you check the quality of marble floor:

a) If the back of the marble is covered by a net or mesh, it means that the marble is fragile and can be easily damaged. You must avoid using too much pressure when polishing this type of marble.

b) Marble flooring can develop fissures or small holes on its surface. These holes must be filled with a sealant before you start polishing.

c) Make sure you check the complete name of the marble before installing it. At times, minor changes in the marble name can have a huge impact on its quality.

d) Check whether you have used natural or cultured marble flooring. If you polish the floor without checking the marble type, it can damage the floor which will increase your cost.

Remove stains before polishing

Since marble is a highly porous material, it susceptible to staining and etching. If stains are not removed before polishing, they will appear more evident after polishing. To get the best results, you must implement a suitable stain removal process. Here are some points you must consider when implementing a stain removal process.

i) Don’t use harsh or acidic chemical to remove the stains. Even though some acidic chemicals are good polishing agents, they can corrode the marble.

ii) Check the type of stain before you start cleaning it. Some common types of stain include metal, oil-based, biological, organic, paint, ink, and water stains. Identifying the type of stain will make it easy for you to choose the right method to remove the stain.

iii) Certain scratches will be left behind when you remove stains. If steps are not taken to remove the scratches, it can damage the flooring. You can maintain the smooth surface of the marble flooring by cleaning it with a soft cloth immediately after removing the stains.

Use right cleaning and polishing material

Most people just walk into a store and select any material to polish their marble floor. This will not get you the desired results and may even damage the floor. To get the desired results, you must check the type and quality of the floor before buying polishing material. If you are unable to identify the quality or type of flooring, you must get professional help.

Use the right dry-cleaning method

Your marble floors may look perfect after polish, but the shiny look will disappear after a few days if you don’t use the right dry-cleaning method to make the look permanent. You may have to use an advanced dry-cleaning method to maintain the maximum benefit of polishing. It is a good idea to hire a professional if you don’t know the dry-cleaning method you must use to get the desired results.

Use a sealant

Polishing and dry-cleaning the marble flooring may help you in accomplishing your goal, but it does not protect you from future problems. To protect your marble floor from stains, you must use a sealant. To apply sealant, you require a good quality sealant and a foam brush. Here are a few tips to help you when you use a sealant.

a) Before applying sealant to the marble tiles, make sure the sealant does not decolorize the marble.

b) If you are sure that the sealant does not decolorize the marble, apply the sealant to each tile individually using a brush and allow it to dry.

c) It can take up to 4 hours for the sealant to dry. Also, make sure you don’t use any liquid to clean floor for at least 24 hours.

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