5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Dripping Water

5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Dripping Water
Why Your Aircon Is Dripping Water?

Your air conditioner is very important to you and your family, particularly if you have to cope with hot climatic conditions throughout the year. You want your unit to work properly to make the most of it and keep your environment cool. You want to make sure your environment is dehumidified, which can make a huge difference. That’s why you need to make sure your air conditioner is functioning properly and you cannot afford to ignore any problems associated with it.

Your air conditioner dripping water is one of the most common problems that many Singapore homeowners are faced with each year. When it comes to Aircon leaks, you need to appreciate the fact that this has a huge impact on the efficiency of your air conditioner. As soon as you notice a pool of water forming around your AC, it is important to take action immediately. This will allow you to avoid expensive repair costs or the costly need to get a replacement. The dehumidifying effect causes the air conditioner to form some condensation around it, but there should never be a puddle of water forming around the system.

Reasons Why Your Aircon is Dripping Water

If your Aircon is dripping water, there is something wrong. Here are some 5 reasons why your Aircon is dripping water and what you can do to fix the problem. 

1. Poor Installation

If your unit is not installed properly, then it is likely to leak. Aircon unit dripping water occurs if it is installed shoddily. For instance, if the condenser pumps are not tight enough, excessive pressure in the pumps might result in leakage. The condenser unit should also be installed in the accurate level. The AC vents must be open all the time since closing them may cause too much pressure in the pumps, resulting in leakage. For proper installation of your aircon, you may need to consult a professional. 

2. Blockage of the Drain Pipe

This is another reason why your Aircon unit may be leaking. A clogging in the drain line can hinder the free flow of water in the pipes. Accumulation of dirt, dust, algae and debris will cause the water in the unit to flood out of the drainage line. Dripping water from the Aircon will go on as the condensation process continues. Therefore, it is important to clean your Aircon filter on a regular basis to remove any accumulated dust. If not properly maintained, the dirt will block the pipe and cause the water to flood into the drainage section. If you are unable to remove the clogging on your own, then it is advisable to contact a repair professional to help solve the problem. 

3. Broken pump

Find out whether the pump is functioning properly by putting water through the condenser pan. If the unit is unable to properly dram the excess amount, then check to ensure the pump is getting power. If the pump is getting power, the motor or the condenser itself might be damaged. You need to call a professional to determine the exact cause of the problem. 

4. Cool External Temperature

When it is excessively cold outside and the Aircon continues to operate, a puddle may form around the exterior unit. The cool external temperatures will stop the normal evaporation of water. Simply observe the water, when the external temperature returns to normal, the flooding will stop if the cooler external temperature is the actual cause of the problem. 

5. Air Leakage 

If the air conditioner is not sealed properly, the excess warm temperatures can enter the unit. This lead to condensation of the moisture from the atmosphere once it comes into contact with the cold air in the unit. The excess moisture from the atmosphere then collects underneath the air conditioner. Here, you should reseal the external part of the air conditioner and ensure that everything is tightened properly to prevent further air leakage. 

When your Aircon is operating and you notice water dripping to your basement, it is not an issue that you can take for granted. If you have a complete basement, the water can end up damaging your equipment as long as the unit is operating. If you air conditioner is leaking water, then this is an issue that requires urgent attention. These tips will help you determine the cause of the dripping water and even help you determine when you need to call a professional.

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