6 Important VRV Aircon Maintenance Tips

If you really want your commercial property to be comfortable during hot seasons, then installing the best air conditioners can be a great idea. Whether it’s office building or business premises, you need to install reliable aircon systems that are easy to install and maintain. VRV Aircons are usually large and are typically used for large-sized buildings. And for you to ensure the occupants of the property stay cool during summer and experience no emergency breakdowns, you should ensure routine maintenance is undertaken. In essence, a well maintained air conditioning unit is capable of running efficiently , uses less energy and will save you money in terms of the bills.

Can You Do Maintenance On Your Own Or You Need The Help Of A Professional?

For a majority of air conditioners that are designed for homes and apartments, an average homeowner is capable of carrying out maintenance. But for large-sized aircons used in commercial properties, the help of a professional might be needed. Ideally, professional have the proper training and are licensed to perform all activities pertaining aircon installation, maintenance and repair. If you have any knowledge on carrying out maintenance, be sure to always observe safety precautions and most importantly, you should remember to shutdown the power connected to the unit at the electrical box first. Here are important tips that can help you take care of your VRV aircon so that it lasts long enough to give value for money.

1.Clean Or Replace The Air Filter On A Regular Basis
Air conditioner filter is one of the most important parts of the system hence cleaning it( if you have a reusable filter) or replacing it forms the most important part of the maintenance routine schedule. Replacing the filter can help improve the overall air quality from the unit. Replacement should be done once every 3 to 6 months but during high-use seasons like summer it should be once every month. Filters are used in reducing the possibility of accumulating impurities such as dust, dirt, mold and other allergen particles in the air filtration system. Usually, the air filer will be located:

-Inside the blower compartment in the air handle or furnace
-Behind the return air grille on the wall or ceiling in a room
-In a slot side, top or bottom of your furnace 

Ensuring the aircon filter will not only increase the flow of air into your room but will allow you to breathe fresh air that’s free of dust that can trigger asthma.

2. Monitor the Thermostat Regularly
The thermostat is another important part on an air conditioner that helps maintain the overall temperature of a room consistently. Based on the current temperature of your room, a thermostat can automatically turn on or turn off to keep the desired temperatures stable. Hence if you want your VRV aircon to last longer, then you should learn to check on it regularly. If at any time you sense the thermostat has lost its function, then it’s a high time to replace it on your own or call for professional help. And if you want to maintain the durability of the thermostat, setting up the temperature of the air conditioner unit at normal temperature is important. With a programmable thermostat you can:

-Set the house temperatures higher when no one is at home
-Cool down the property about 30 minutes before people enter the property
-Help you save energy and money when the AC is not running the all day

3. Be Sure To Clean The Air Duct From Time To Time
If you’re planning to use your air conditioner for longer, monitoring and cleaning the air duct is important. Aircon units usually have air ducts that help in circulation of air flow. And for you to improve the functionality of your air conditioning unit, it’s necessary for you perform regular cleaning of the air duct. Before cleaning, it’s important to know that:

-You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and any other for of dirt from the air conditioner
– The air duct should be cleaned at least once in every 3 months
-Cleaning the air duct regularly helps the system work effectively and further reduces energy consumption  

4. Check the Condenser Unit Fan
Always turn the power off to the air conditioner and check whether the fan mounted on top of the condenser unit is in good condition. Should you notice any cracks or chips, in one of the blades, then it’s a high time you replaced the blades. And if you’re using an old air conditioning unit, then you might need to oil the fan motor bearings regularly. 

5. Always Check On The Wiring And Components
As means of safety precaution, turning off the air conditioner before you start working on it is important. You can do that by disconnecting the unit on the outdoor or switch it off at the main breaker panel. The next important step is to remove the access panel on the condensing unit and check for any signs of overheating. Some of the alarming problems here can be:

-Melted insulation on wires
-Blackened or burnt wiresAlso, be sure to check any electrical connections to ensure they’re intact. You can check on the capacitors as well, that’s if you have an electrical test meter. If there’s excessive pitting on the contactor, then you need to replace it. And should you notice any problems with wiring and components but cant fix them yourself, calling for professional help can be the best way to go. 

6. Clean The Outside Of The Unit
As much as the outside of the air conditioner might not have such important components as the thermostat or filter, cleaning it is equally important. Cleaning the outside of the aircon unit will not only improve the functionality of the unit but it will also help reduce buildup of dirt, grass clippings, debris among other allergenic particles. After completely shutting off the power, you can rinse the condenser and other inside parts properly. Also be sure to trim any shrubs or plants that are back or around the air conditioner so as ensure swift flow of air to and from the unit. Maintaining your VRV air conditioner is not a hard task when you follow these simple steps. And if you cannot manage with some aircon problems, then the best way to go is to call a professional for help. Proper maintenance will not only save on the energy used in cooling your home but will go along way in saving money.

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