6 Tips On How To Clean Your Refrigerator Effectively

Many people are of the notion that refrigerators do not need regular cleaning, as they do not attract much dirt or dust. However, the fact is that they also attract as much grime as other appliances in your home. Furthermore, despite the fact that the interior temperature of a refrigerator is quite low, harmful bacteria and mould can still grow there. They usually grow in the unclean corner and crevices of the fridge, and in those places that experiences frequent liquid spills.

Your food can easily get contaminated owing to the presence of these bacteria, and thus it is very important to clean your refrigerator after every few months. Though you can consider a professional refrigerator cleaning service in Singapore, you can also easily clean your fridge on your own, by following the below given simple tips.

Empty the Contents

Firstly, you need to empty the contents of your refrigerator, and then unplug it to start with the cleaning job. Shift all food items elsewhere, and also remove the detachable parts of your fridge like the drawers and shelves. If your fridge has a drip pan, make sure you remove that as well.

Clean the Interior

Now, start cleaning the interiors of your fridge using a soapy solution that you can make with a little warm water and mild dish washing soap. Take a piece of terry cloth, dip it in this solution and wipe clean all debris and dirt from within your fridge. It will be best to start from the freezer, and then you can move downwards. Make sure you give enough attention to the problem areas where spills mostly occur, like the corners, seams etc. After you have cleaned the body, wipe clean the inner parts of the door.

Get Rid of the Stink

If your fridge smells, then a simple soap solution will not be enough. After cleaning with the soap solution, you need to clean using a baking soda solution. To make this solution you need to take a cup of warm water and add about two tablespoons baking soda to it. You may also use a white vinegar water solution to get rid of the stink. Take a clean sponge, dip it in this solution, and rub properly on the inner sides. Wipe off any extra water by using clean paper towels.

Clean the Exterior

Now, you need to clean the outer door of your fridge. Make a hot soapy solution, dip a soft rug in it, and rub it properly on all exterior surfaces. Do give enough attention to the gasket area around the floor, as lots of grime and dirt easily accumulates there. Allow the exterior to air dry. If you have a stainless steel refrigerator, then soapy solution is not the right cleaning solution for you, as it can create marks on the surface. So, you will need to clean using a window cleaner or you can use vinegar for the purpose.

Clean Under the Fridge

This can take lots of your time, but nonetheless is very important. Cleaning the coils present under your fridge will help your refrigerator run better and will save you money on your electricity bill. Unscrew or scrap off the front floor-level grille. With the help of a refrigerator-coil brush remove any dust that has collected around your fridge’s condenser coil, and then using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner clean up the crud. Make sure you are gentle enough so that you do not end up damaging the coils.

Reassemble your Refrigerator

Now that the cleaning task is over, you need to reassemble your fridge. Put the racks, shelves, and drawers in their respective places. Turn on the light and temperature control knobs. Now you can place back the food items inside your fridge. Do not forget to wipe clean each of the jars, cans, and containers with a piece of cloth before you place them back in the fridge.

If you want to make your next cleaning session easier, then there are certain things you need to keep in mind. If there are any liquid spills, clean them while they are wet. This will prevent them from dripping to other areas and thus causing growth of mould and mildew. Keep your food stored in covered containers to avoid chances of spills. Keep some baking soda in your fridge, in an open container, as this will help control the bad odor problem in your refrigerator.

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