7 Mistakes To Avoid When Dry Cleaning Your Wedding Gown

You must be very careful when it comes to getting your wedding gown taken care of the right way. The problem with taking care of a good wedding gown is that it can be a rather delicate and fragile outfit. However, you need to make sure it is protected so it will be a great heirloom to pass on to the next generation in your family.

You might think that dry cleaning your wedding gown is a great idea. The fact is that dry cleaning is a smart option to consider as a good cleaner can work with the safest and most effective solvents that don’t entail water to take care of stains, odours and other things in a gown while preserving its colour, texture and other critical features.

Still, there are a number of dry cleaning mistakes that some people still make. These are serious mistakes that must be explored so you can understand what needs to be avoided above all else.

1. Don’t dry clean your stuff too frequently.

While the chemicals and other materials used in the dry cleaning process can be effective, some problems may come about:

· Sometimes the fibres in an outfit can be stripped.

· Fatigue may develop as the fibres are coming in contact with stuff that they are not used to.

· There’s also the concern about how the solvents may settle into some outfits over time.

Therefore, you should only dry clean your wedding gown when you know you absolutely have to. If you do it too often then the gown will be at risk of damages.

2. Don’t ignore the use of spot removal products.

Wine stains and other common stains may not be treated by a dry cleaner. Sometimes these stains might be a little deeper into the fabric and will require the use of a quality spot removal product to take care of.

You need to use a spot removal product on your fabric if you are dealing with any of these problems:

· Red wine stains

· Blood stains

· Intense market or colouring utensil marks

· Pet urine; this is especially important if you have a pet at the wedding and it has an accident on your gown

Spot removal products can be designed for many of these stains. Be sure to use these on your gown before dry cleaning the rest of the outfit. Of course, you should let any product that you use dry out after it works so you can see that the stain will actually be taken care of before anything else can be done.

3. Don’t ignore the instructions for your gown.

The care instructions for your gown can include many rules:

· Some gowns have to be washed with water at a certain temperature.

· Irons and other heat sources might have to be avoided in some cases.

· Some gowns might have to avoid dry cleaning methods altogether.

You must take a very careful look at all of the instructions that come with taking care of your gown. This is to ensure that you know what you have to do the first time and that you don’t make a mistake when trying to treat it.

4. Avoid just throwing your gown into a cleaning machine.

You need to see that anything that can get in the way of the cleaning process is taken care of before the dry cleaning routine can start:

· Any loose hair strands should be cleared out.

· Any streamers or bits of paper should be removed too. This can be important as some weddings may feature plenty of these things for celebratory purposes.

· You may also want to dry out the gown so it will not be damp in any way.

Make sure the gown is actually ready to be cleaned and that all the stuff that can harm the cleaning process is cleared out. This is all to make the cleaning process as easy to work with as needed.

5. Don’t leave it in a solvent for too long.

While the cleaning solvents that are used in the cleaning process can be effective and useful, you need to avoid having them in contact with your gown for far too long. If you soak the gown in these things for far too long then it will be rather easy for the gown to wear out and become weak.

This can really be a hassle as your gown will suffer from fatigue from all the changes it is going through as a result of the solvent. Simply put, too much of a good thing can really be a threat to your gown.

6. Don’t put it with different fabrics.

A wedding gown can be very delicate and will often have to be dry cleaned separately from all the other stuff in your wardrobe. Do not bother to wash your gown with other fabrics as those added fabrics may end up causing some real problems.

In particular, some fabrics might have their fibres spread onto your gown, thus ruining its purity and complexion. The fabrics may also have some of their colours run off and move onto your gown. This is especially the case with red fabrics. You should not put anything to chance when getting your fabrics taken care of the right way.

7. Don’t take it to a dry cleaner that is ill-equipped.

Finally, you need to be extremely careful when it comes to finding a good dry cleaner. While it is true that there are lots of them in practically every major city in the world, some dry cleaners may not be appropriate:

· Some might have older machines that aren’t all that efficient.

· Others may work with experimental solvents that are not totally proven to work.

· Many will even clump outfits from several clients together just to save time.

You must make sure you are careful when looking for a good dry cleaner that you know you can trust. Always feel free to ask questions with different cleaners as needed.

Don’t ever think that you can get your wedding gown cleaned off by just anyone or through any dry cleaning process. Be careful when getting it cleaned so it will stay beautiful for generations to come. After all, it can be a very important heirloom when everything is considered.

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