7 Things You Should Recycle When During Spring Cleaning For Home

7 Things You Should Recycle When During Spring Cleaning For Home. Spring comes as a blessing for many Singaporeans. Many individuals use this time to go through their houses and clean out.

You can use this time to clean your home to remove dirt and old junk. You may throw out multiple unused things from your house during the cleanup.

Did you know that various items can find life elsewhere? You can recycle these items or things and donate them to charity or use them for other purposes. So, what should you recycle when having a home spring cleaning? This article discusses seven things you should recycle during your spring cleanup.

7 Things You Should Recycle When During Spring Cleaning For Home

7 Things You Should Recycle When During Spring Cleaning For Home
Old Electronics

You’ll have numerous electronics if you’re a fan of the latest fashion and technology. You may have old-fashioned or broken phones, computers, tablets, and other appliances. Should you dispose of the old electronics when having your spring cleaning? No, you can recycle these old electronics instead of throwing them away.

Experts recommend that you get a professional recycling service. These service providers will wipe all your data and recycle the spare parts. You can also consider donating these hazardous items and electronics to individuals who can use them well. Please wipe out your data before donating personal gadgets like cell phones.


Most individuals view watching movies as the best way to enjoy their free time. You may find a lot of movies in your house during the spring cleanup. Despite the rise of movie streaming services, you may have some old DVDs and VHS tapes in your home. Survey shows most individuals find it interesting to watch movies on DVDs.

So, what will you do with old movies occupying your house? While most individuals prefer disposing of film, they’re done watching; you can recycle them. You can recycle by searching for services that can use these products. Most companies and service providers melt these products to create new products.

Clothing and Bedding
7 Things You Should Recycle When During Spring Cleaning For Home

Old clothing and bedding are everyday things that might be stuffing your house. You may have some old clothes and other linen in your drawers. You may prefer to throw away the old clothes, and bedding is rarely used when having the spring cleaning. Instead of disposing of these clothes during the spring cleaning, you can consider recycling.

What will you do when recycling your old clothing and bedding involve? You can recycle these clothes and bedding for another party like charity.

These individuals will find clothes valuable and help them to keep warm as they prepare for the winter. So, it is best if you don’t throw away or dispose of your old clothes and bedding, stacking up your drawers and rooms.


Cleaning and removing old stuff from your house is a crucial home spring cleanup practice. But is it right to remove the old furniture in your house? Throwing away unused furniture from your house remains a lousy option. You’ll be better off recycling old or new furniture from your home than throwing them away.

You should be able to choose an appropriate recycling approach for the furniture. For instance, you can consider using a professional recycling service or donating to charity. You can donate furniture, like couches, tables, etc., for reusing at child homes.

Alternatively, you can choose to work with a professional furniture recycling firm. The recycling firm breaks the furniture and turns them into new parts.

Aerosol Cans

You can use aerosols to enhance a healthy stay at home. Why are aerosols important in your home? You can use aerosols to remove odors and disinfect the air.

Nevertheless, manufacturers pack these air fresheners in metallic cans. You may find these metallic cans stuffing your house after you use the content. So, taking care of the cans will be necessary for a thorough cleanup.

Experts advise that you recycle these cans instead of disposing of them. So why is recycling aerosol cans important? Recycling these cans helps to save the environment from hazardous waste.

Please make sure that you use up all the content in the cans before you recycle them. You can also reach the nearest recycling center for the proper recycling mechanism.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are a common menace in most homes. You may find a lot of plastic bags in your kitchen, drawers, and other home parts.

You and your family may use these bags to shop or purchase groceries. So, these bags may be accumulating in your house. The accumulation may attract pests like cockroaches into the house.

You must be thinking of disposing of these bags during this spring cleaning, right? Wait, you don’t have to dispose of plastic bags accumulating in your house.

The most excellent way to deal with them is to reuse or recycle. You can recycle them by using them as liners in small trash cans. You can also enroll in a local plastic bag recycling program.

Old books

If you love reading, your house might be full of books, newspapers, and magazines. You can use these resources to get the latest information or enhance your knowledge.

With the old magazines, books, and newspapers making your house stuffy, it’ll be good to get off them. Experts advise that you recycle books instead of throwing them in the paper recycling bin.

You can donate those still in good condition to parties that may use them. For instance, you can take old books and novels to libraries, schools, and other charities.

You may be wondering what you’ll do with old or tattered books. Dropping old or torn books at drop-off locations will be the best disposal method. Please understand your city’s regulations when choosing the best disposal methods.


7 Things You Should Recycle When During Spring Cleaning For Home

7 Things You Should Recycle When During Spring Cleaning For Home. Throwing out all items from your house may not be ideal for a home spring cleaning. While you dispose of other items filling your house, you can consider recycling some.

You can recycle these items or give them to others who find value in them. So, what things do you have to recycle during this spring cleaning? You can recycle movie sets, furniture, plastic bags, old books, and electronics.

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