7 Tips To Stay Healthy During Haze Period

Every year like clockwork, people in Singapore have to suffer from the suffocating haze surrounding the city. The haze can affect your health, especially if you’re exposed to it on a daily basis for a prolonged time. People with chronic conditions like asthma or other respiratory problems should try to stay indoors as much time as possible. Scratchy throat, skin irritations, red eyes, and breathing problems are some of the most common ailments suffered by Singaporeans during haze period.

However, these are only a few minor health issues. The real threats can include lung diseases and permanent breathing disorders. It is normal to feel annoyed, frustrated and angry at this manmade phenomenon, especially when there’s nothing much we can do about it. Playing the blame game will not save you from the consequences, but following some tips to survive these health challenging days will do:

1. Keep haze out

Before you step out of the house, make sure all the doors, windows and ventilation points are closed. It’s better to return back home and breathe still air than inhaling millions of haze particles. Until the purity level goes up to moderate, make sure to practice this tip. Check the news update constantly to keep a track of environmental conditions outside, so you know when not to open the doors at all.

2. Use indoor air purifiers

As soon as you get back to the home, do not forget to turn on the purifier to filter the indoor air. The soft haze particles can seep into your home even if the doors and windows are closed. If you don’t have an indoor purifier, try boiling water in a deep dish and let the room get filled with its steam. It will clear the air and help you breathe easily.

3. Drink 2 litters of water in a day

The key to fight off the haze is to keep your body hydrated. The toxins found in the haze are absorbed by your lungs and skin. This forces your kidneys to work harder. So it is always advised to drink water so your kidneys can excrete the toxins in a smooth manner. Keeping your body hydrated will also help other body organs to functions smoothly, without taking any stress.

4. Keep alcohol & coffee away

Since alcohol and caffeinated drinks dehydrate the system, it is always better to stay away from them as much as possible during haze period. Drinking too much alcohol or caffeinated drinks can make your kidney more stressed, which can trigger other health complications. Even if it is really hard to go coffee-less, make yourself strong for sake of well-functioning kidneys!

5. Boost your immunity power with super foods

Healthy diet is very important during hazy days. Healthy foods will give your body the required strength to fight with infections and bacteria that enter your system when you inhale hazy air. If you don’t want to suffer from a runny nose or scratchy throat , do your part and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you consume daily recommended quantity of protein, calcium, vitamins refined carbs, ‘good’ fats and other essential nutrients. With balanced diet, you should be able to get sufficient amount of the vitamin C, E, and Omega-3.

6. Put Must-have things in your bag

Make a list of must-have items and carry them whenever you go out. Face mask, water bottle, eye drops,tissue, wet wipes are a few to consider. Put the face mask whenever you step out of the house. These items can act like instant fix to problems that generally affect during hazy days. Do not forget to wipe your face and hand as soon as you get indoors.

7. Wash your face & hand regularly

As mentioned earlier, you must wash your hands, feet and face as soon as you get indoor. Any body part that was not covered should be washed immediately to prevent toxins settling on your skin. Do not be reluctant or feel shy to wash in public places. Once you get home, shower immediately to wide off all the toxin residues.

For the people with breathing and skin problems, always carry your medical remedies during haze period. If you feel any trouble, immediately see your doctor. Stay healthy with these tips and share them with your fellow Singaporeans. These tips will help you protect yourself, as well as loved ones from potential health issues.

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