8 Tips On How To Reduce Electricity Usage In Air Conditioner

Electricity bills are becoming huge every day and you would find some relief if you had a way to save on them. One thing is heating and cooling your home that is adding on to these bills. You air conditioner keeps running the entire day and night. This is where your electricity woes begin. But still, you can bring down the bill and save on energy. At Aircon, everything is made to use energy efficiently.


Here are 8 tips that will bring your electricity bill reasonably down. You want to save on your electricity, try these tips:

Promote better air flow in your home
Air flow is very crucial to the functioning of your air conditioner. Fresh air comes in and hot air goes out and your house remains comfortable all the time. To improve on your home’s airflow, you need proper ventilation. Ensure that your house is well ventilated and air will flow freely. With easy air flow, you will make the work for air conditioner simple and you will not need much energy to run it. If your home is badly ventilated, remodel it and help your home to be fresh all the time and only use the least amount of electricity.

Keep your vents open and clean
Clogged vents will make you air conditioners to labour and you will need so much energy to run them. Take time to clean your vents and remove any debris and dirt which may be logged within. Keep on checking your vents from time to time to keep them clear. If you cannot keep them clean by yourself, find an expert to help you. Sometimes there are complications you cannot deal with so it is better you get some help from someone who knows how to handle it.

Run your ceiling fans counter-clockwise during summer
During hot times, your air conditioner is at maximum use. This is the time you will use lots of power. You can still save on the electricity you use by running your fan in a counter-clockwise turn. This will be effective to keep your rooms cold even when it is steaming hot outside. In the same time, you will be using less energy than if you were running the fans in clockwise turns. If it seems complicated, you can still find someone to do the setting for you. Do not let any chance to pass your way when you can use it to save on your energy bills.

Use A/C timers
Your air conditioner should not keep running even when you room is at balanced temperature. You think of a way to automatically switch off when your preferred temperature has been achieved. A/C timers will help you to achieve this. These are created to automatically switch off your appliances including air conditioners. Even when you are away or asleep, your A/C timer will turn off your air conditioner and turn it back when the temperature drops or increases. You will not waste energy and you can save for the time you need. Automated A/C systems will help you achieve this without any huge expenses.

Aircon Fan Motor

Replace your old air conditioner
Do not wait until your air conditioner breaks down to replace it. Keep checking on its performance and if you find there is something that needs to be replaced, go ahead and do it. Faulty air conditioners will spend more energy than perfect ones. When your air conditioner parts wear out, you should replace them to avoid further damage. An expert will keep an eye on your appliances and they should be able to tell you what you need to repair or replace. Efficiency is brought by perfect functioning of your appliances so do not let your air conditioner be the reason you are paying huge electricity bills.

Insulate your attic
Your attic contributes to how much energy you spend at home. Depending on how well your attic is insulated, you can spend more or less on energy. To bring energy efficiency to your home, start by insulating your attic. Make it keep the cold or warm air. This will prevent any escape of fresh air when you still need it. You can have someone experienced insulate your attic. If you insulated your attic a few years ago, you can call an expert to check on whether it is effective. You can repair or do it anew to prevent any further loss of warm or cold air.

Install a whole-house fan
There are those who prefer to have air conditioners in every room. This is not an efficient way of using your energy. You will be spending more electricity when each of the air conditioner is fanning. You can change and have a single whole-house fan. You can have it installed in the living room. You will be spending less energy than if you have a fan in each of your rooms. This is how many people end up paying less for electricity bills. You can try it and bring down you hefty energy bills and save for some other crucial needs.

Switch it off when you do not need it
Do not keep your air conditioner running when you do need it. You will be using more energy than you should when you leave your appliances running overnight and you do not need it. Ensure you switch it off or unplug it from the power source. Even when you are going out, you do not need your air conditioner to be running so switch it off.

Now you see you can save a lot on electricity with your air conditioner. These 8 tips can help you bring down your energy bills if you put them into practice. Optimize on your home’s energy usage with these effective 8 tips and save some money for other crucial things like food and medical bills. Aircon stands for energy efficiency and that is why your Singapore home is at safer hands with our appliances. You do not have to use too much electricity at home when you can find easy ways to save on energy.


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