Are Chemical Cleaning Necessary For Aircon Servicing?

Having an air conditioner is surely a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a way to keep your office or home cooled and comfortable. As the humid weather in Singapore can be at times overbearing for anyone, it is important to keep the aircon unit always ready. However, there are so many people who have a tough time maintaining an aircon. Aircon maintenance can be very tough at times, especially if one is struggling with how to use it. It is advised to keep the unit properly cleaned. Why? Simply because if the unit is not very clean, it will slobber up, plenty of dust will develop inside and allow unwanted bacteria to breed in the aircon unit causing allergies and unwanted sicknesses.

In fact, due to these reasons air conditioning units need more maintenance than other devices and home equipment. Additionally, performing maintenance on a regular basis increases the life span of your unit and keeps it working efficiently to avoid wasting energy. If your aircon leaks and leaves wet mess on your floor, it is definitely a sign your unit might be faulty. But no one wants to go through the trouble of trying to fix a faulty unit. Regular aircon servicing is ensuring your unit is functioning properly.

That said, there are several ways to take care of your aircon. While few may already know that maintenance of the air conditioner have its many advantages, many are not aware of the importance of a special type of cleaning known as chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning is a super-effective way of cleaning your aircon unit. As bacteria thrive and form quickly inside the unit, problems can arise and your unit may not be able to function properly. In some cases, air generated from the unit can be very foul smelling. In such cases general servicing may not be able to deal with the problem, therefore a chemical servicing is definitely needed.

There are several reasons why chemical servicing is necessary. These reasons are discussed below.

Check for faulty parts

Every air conditioner needs several parts to work together. An aircon unit usually consists of blades, fan blowers, rotary parts and compressors. Sometimes these parts are damaged or outdated. It may be difficult to find a problem without doing any overhaul on the unit. By applying chemical servicing, you’ll be able to find and locate the problems that may occur in the unit. If this happens, then a person would have to pay extra for aircon repairs in Singapore. By performing the servicing process, you can find and identify problems before they even occur.

Prevent corrosion

Many people opt for the aircon chemical cleaning in order to remove and reduce damage from the corrosion. By applying chemical substances on the fan coil, you can prevent any potential corrosion on the fan coil. Many people are not aware that the fan coil is the most expensive part in the aircon unit. By preventing even slightest corrosion, you are able to prevent any potential issues in your unit that may happen in the future.

Check the refrigerant in your unit

A thorough chemical cleaning process usually involves checking the refrigerant in an aircon unit. This is very important as it ensures that there is enough refrigerant in your air conditioner. Even more, some people may not realize their air conditioner isn’t functioning properly because it does not have enough refrigerant to keep their room cool. A good aircon chemical cleaning will ensure your unit has enough refrigerant in the tank.

Eliminate bad odor and bacteria

In a chemical overhaul, the unit is thoroughly cleaned up with appropriate chemicals. Why cannot we just use water? Some might ask. Well given the nature of the microorganisms, it is very important to use effective cleaning agents to ensure all harmful substances are removed. After a chemical cleaning, you will notice many positive changes afterwards. Bad odor will be eliminated, which means that only purified air is circulating in your home. This aspect is often neglected and might even result in respiratory problems among family members or workers.

Finally, to get the best performance from your aircon unit, be sure to clean it at least once a year. When you do, your home or office will be rewarded with fresh and clean air.

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