Bedroom Cleaning Tips

One of the essential rooms in a house is the bedroom. It is also the only room in a house that we spend a large chunk of our time either snoring or scheming on how well to tackle the furious jabs that life throws our way. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure the bedroom is kept sparkling clean, organized and comfortable at all times. Cleanliness is not all about spreading your bed every morning but also taking the time to see to it that all other parts of this heavenly abode in your house are clean as well.

Cleaning a bedroom is straightforward. A dirty bedroom attracts all forms of crawling insects, with the most common of
them being the bed bugs; while on the other hand, a clean bedroom gives the owner a peaceful mind and a restful night. Therefore, taking good care of this room is very important. Some of the tips you can consider to keep the bedroom looking presentable include:

· Freshening Up the Carpet, Rug or Hardwood Floor

Mop the hardwood floor with your solution. It will leave it clean, disinfected, and streak free. Also, if your hardwood has some scratches, a few drops of Iodine to match your color wood will fill it in nicely. You may want to do a small test patch until you get the right shade to match your wood.

· Clean Your Bedroom Door Facings

We all seem to get those dreaded fingerprints and smudges on the door facings and around the doorknobs. Use 1-gallon warm water with 1 cup distilled white vinegar and four tablespoons baking soda mixed well. Dampen a clean terry cloth towel or sponge to remove the grime quickly. You may find this is handy for other areas of the home as well, for example, the refrigerator handles and cupboard doors.

· Dusting Off That Wooden Furniture

Restore the shine to your wood by dusting and remove any little surface scratches that may have appeared, use 1 gallon of warm water with 2 cups distilled white vinegar with a few drops of iodine to match your wood. Use gloves and a terry cloth towel you don’t mind staining, to wipe down all the wood on your furniture gently.

· Clean Out all the trash from your room

Before you go on to clean your room, it is essential for you to get rid of all the garbage. Return those things that do not belong to you. Get rid of waste papers, used clothes and stationery, shoes, games and CDs and other things that you no longer use.

· Offer an incentive

Many people need the motivation to keep their rooms clean since one never knows when his or her friends will come for a sleepover. Furthermore, no person desires to undergo a lot of stress finding clothes to wear because the pile of clutter might be enough to lose anything. You should try to completely clean your room, for you to make it a comfortable place, where you can break free after having a monotonous day at work or school.

·Make priorities

Make a decision what is unnecessary, what is preferable, and what is essential for your room. This way you will be in the position to prioritize the products that you need in the chamber and those that need to be taken to another type of room or thrown away.

· Come across storage space

Consider adding the excess stuff that you are unlikely to use shortly in room, dressers, attics, basements, cabinets, or spare rooms. Likewise, consider creating a robust system for storing both filthy and clean clothes. You can use tampon slots for books and pencils.

· Gather all the products

Pick up the products starting with the large items first and finally to the smaller items. Make sure to place them in their rightful place. Items that should not be in the bedroom should be stored away in the right room.

· Clean the room

Keep the bedroom clean by vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing up or washing it to keep it in the right condition. In circumstance your items have commenced accumulating again, take several minutes to put them away where they are supposed to be. Make it habit every night to consider a few minutes to keep your stuff in their rightful place. Furthermore, consider making your bed the moment you wake up.

· Organize your room in an orderly manner
Everything in your room should have a proper place and setting. Use your cupboard for your clothes and other personal belongings. Keep your books in the drawers or the place which you have been allotted for them. Neatly organize your CD collection or comics and keep them separately in the corner or some other place where they would not make your room look untidy.

· Avoid eating in your bedroom

As far as you can, you should always avoid eating in your room, because food items can leave stains on your bed sheets, drinks can be spilled, and small food crumbs that fall while you eat your food can make your room look untidy.

· Mop and vacuum your room

You should sweep your room on a regular basis. Clean under your bed, closets, tables, and chairs. Make your bed and be sure that it is done neatly. You can also use aroma candles, scents and incense to make the ambiance of your room pleasant. On Sundays try to wash and clean the vents, switchboards, and artworks, dust the bedroom furniture and wash the room’s curtains and drapes.

· Use a hamper for your clothes
A basket is essential for every room. Always keep your dirty clothes in the hamper; this will remind you to give the clothes for laundry. Once the clothes are washed, fold them neatly and keep them where they belong.

· Keep a waste basket in your room

All the trash and waste material of your room should be thrown your trash basket. Keep a garbage bag in the basket, which would make it easier for you to throw away the trash daily.

Your room can be a beautiful tranquil retreat for you at the end of the day before you go to bed. Following these simple tips, you’ll be amazed at how it can help you feel more relaxed being in your bedroom because of the neatness.

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