Can Bed Bugs Hide In My Hair or Ear?

Bedbugs are mostly found in areas in the house like crevices, couches and more prevalently on the bed. These are habitats that the bedbugs could easily share with other lesser known species like the dust mites. As such it is very easy to misconceive exactly what you have and therefore it is necessary that you understand what the common bedbug looks like.

The common bedbug is a flattened, brown and wingless bug. They are very elusive and predominantly nocturnal. It is quite hard to detect them until they multiply to significant numbers before being noticed. They often lodge in dark crevices and dark places and feed on human blood or other warm blooded mammals.

Bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases but that does not mean that their bites are any safer. Invasion by bedbugs can cause skin rashes, psychological effects and other allergic symptoms.

Contrary to the beliefs of many, bedbugs can live around human beings but not on human beings. Normally a bedbug after feeding will detach itself from the host and retreat to a surrounding close to the host but not on the host. This is because bedbugs and intense heat do not get along.

However, due to one of the causes of bedbug bites, the psychological effects to be precise. Hosts who are aware that they have a bedbug infestation in their homes may become ultra- aware of the situation to the extent that they feel the bugs moving in them. There are instances where the bug might get tangled and fail to detach by the time you wake up.

Removing such a bug from your body heightens the awareness. This does not mean that the bedbugs can hide in human hair or ears but since these places are not easy to see, it becomes easier for the brain to make the host believe that they are there as you cannot easily see to verify otherwise. Bedbugs cannot as well hide in the ears as mentioned earlier, they are very sensitive to heat. An added disadvantage of dwelling in the ear would be the moisture that is brought about by the production of wax. This is a major turn off for bedbugs as they prefer dry surroundings. In fact, one of the ways to control or eradicate bedbugs is using heat. This goes to show how delicate they are in the presence of heat.

However, if something is constantly in your hair and ears, you might want to consider that it could actually be another type of pest that is more suited to benefit from staying in those areas say like Lice. These are known to like the human body. But bedbugs would feel very uncomfortable close the warmth of the human body. They might hide in things like shoes and suitcases or attach themselves to clothes which is mostly how they invade your home but they can’t dwell in there. If you persistently keep having the same feeling it is necessary that you identify the kind of pest that is causing the havoc.

Considering that bedbugs are most active at night, it makes it very hard to spot them. However, they have a special characteristic smell similar to that of rotten raspberries. There are also dogs that have been trained to detect bedbugs. In the event that your case is actually bedbugs, then what better way to rid yourself of the uncomfortable feeling in your hair and ears than to eradicate them?

Some of the pesticides that have an effect on bedbugs or rather they ones that they have not already developed a tolerance for are toxic to humans and especially babies and as such have been banned in most countries. Boric acid also has no effect as bedbugs do not groom. However heat treatment is very effective and using 45 degrees for one hour or -17 degrees for two hours would do the trick.

If the infestation is intense you can also vacuum them out. Depriving them of a blood meal is not a wise move as they can survive without feeding for close to 300 days depending on the temperature range. After eradicating your bedbugs, if the feeling of bugs walking in your head and ears still persists then you have other bugs. It is necessary to emphasize that bedbugs do not like living on humans. They do like to live around them but the heat produced by the human bodies makes it very uncomfortable for them to stay on the human body.

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