Can Dirty Carpet Cause Fungal Infections?

The overall safety of the home setting is an integral component of virtually every health conscious person’s day to day living. The distinct ways our houses are constructed and the things we eventually populate them with are for the most part supposed to significantly minimize the potential health risks for us and our immediate family. However, this may not always be the case, and there is a wide variety of household dangers that are most often than not downplayed mainly due to their subtle nature. Below is an insight with this respect.

Fungal Infections

For instance, when you take the time to think of a carpet or a floor rug, the first thing that comes to your mind is usually unmatched lushness, warmth and even elegance.

- These items are generally designed to enhance the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the rooms in our homes where we lay them. Which makes most individuals never to really think of the numerous perils that are synonymous with a dirty carpet or rug.

- While they do undeniably serve an important role of making our homes more attractive and habitable, over time and prolonged usages, carpets tend to accumulate a wide range irritants and microbes.

- Many of which have been known to be the root cause of quite a large number of potential health risks for us and our families. Simply put a dirty carpet that receives sporadic cleaning happens to be a time bomb that is just waiting for an ideal moment to explode.

- Apart from substantially running the overall appearance of the room it is laid in, this indispensable item can harbour a wide range of contaminants that have been shown to trigger serious health problems.

- While apparently harmless at face value , a carpet that does not receive regular and comprehensive cleaning can accumulate pet dander, dust, all manner of spillages. Which all makes it to serve as an especially excellent breeding ground for all imaginable microbes, fungi, molds, mildew and other irritants that can make your life a living hell.

Should you be particularly wondering out aloud whether a dirty carpet can trigger fungal infections if left in that state? Well, the answer to such a question is simply an emphatic yes!

- Dirty carpets as well as rugs are ideal homes to plenty of living and non-living irritants that if left to their own devices can multiple in their millions.

- With constant foot traffic, a dirty carpet will easily release these pathogens from its fibers into the air , and some like fungi can stick to our skins looking for appropriate entry points to invade our bodies. Others attract household pests such as cockroaches and rats which feed on them, and in the process release plenty of other more germs that are often more dangerous.

- One of the most common fungal infections that you and your family can contract as a result of having a dirty carpet is what is known as athlete’s foot. For those who may perhaps not be in the know, this is a highly contagious infection that you can catch by merely walking barefoot on a filthy carpet or rug. Most especially if you happen to have cuts, scratches, abrasions, grazes or breaks on the soles of your feet, which are the places where this fungi can gain entry to your body.

- This condition triggers extremely chronic itching, it manifests itself in red bruises on the feet, and is usually immune to some traditional treatment methods. Like earlier mentioned, athlete’s foot is extremely contagious and within no time you can easily pass it on to your loved ones in the most innocuous manner.

- A dirty carpet is also a suitable breeding ground for many other skin fungal infections such as ringworms, jock itch , yeast infections and so on. All of which are extremely discomforting, while also been contagious.

Fungal Infections

In essence most skin infection fungi thrive in moist, warm environments.

- This most definitely means that should you carpet or rug get a lot of regular spillage, and you employ inappropriate drying techniques to clear them. You will stand a heightened chance of fashioning an ideal environment for these microbes to grow and thrive in.

- Wall to wall carpets are particularly dangerous as they present a much larger surface area where these irritants and microbes can easily multiply.

To this end, you ought to make sure you integrate a regular carpet cleaning regimen into your overall home cleaning schedule whenever the opportunity presents itself.

- This should include frequent and thorough vacuuming, shampooing and disinfectant application. Doing this will go a long way in comprehensively killing these harmful microbes, and effectively curbing their spreading to other areas of your home.

- As a general rule of thumb you ought to carry out such carpet cleaning procedures at least twice a month or much more frequently if you have the time. Which will make sure that you and your immediate family are fully protected from fungal infections that originate from a dirty carpet or rug. Along with other allergens, molds and mildew that can cause serious health challenges such as respiratory conditions like asthma.

- If this is not an option you can settle for professional carpet cleaning services , which are noted for comprehensively dealing with these problems.

All in all, you and your family ought to fully realize that a filthy carpet, besides marring the beauty of your home, also presents quite a huge number of potential health risks. Such as the reviewed fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Which while they may not be life threatening, can still trigger a lot of unnecessary health problems for you and your family.

Once again it is very critical to take all the necessary steps to make sure that your carpet/s and rugs are always in a highly hygienic condition. This will effortlessly prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for fungi, molds, mildew and other irritants that thrive in such places. Hopeful now you are aware of the answer to the query “Can a dirty carpet cause fungal infections?” Which is simply a resounding yes! Hope this article has been insightful.

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