Can Roller Or Roman Blinds Be Washed?

There are many home décor designs that you can always choose from. Some are meant to specifically decorate the house, while others serve a different purpose, other than just decorating. Among the many décor around, blinds and rollers are some of the most popular. There are very many types of blinds and rollers. The difference in them is that they have different materials and design. The roller blinds or Roman blinds are common in most of the houses in Singapore. The major discussion point is whether the Roman blinds or roller blinds are washable. So you need to do some cleaning in the house, will you also be able to clean your roller blinds?

Are The Rollers Blinds or Roman Blinds Washable?

Usually, the roller blinds will act a similar function with the curtains. You would roll the up whenever you do not want to use them. These roller blinds are also called the Roman Blinds. Most of the urban houses in Singapore are getting accustomed to these blinds. Many people are going for these types of blinds, and they are only concerned if they can wash them. The direct answer is that they can be washed. The process and method of washing them is what will vary.

Generally, you cannot just drench the blinds in a standard detergent and wash them with water. This would definitely destroy the blinds. The roman blinds are made of a unique material, which is completely different from other blinds. The fabrics of these blinds are crease-free, which is why the blinds will roll up easily, and you would wrap them without any challenges.

Washing Tips

So yes, you can wash the roman blinds, but how can you go about it? The method of washing the blinds is what will matter most. The way you wash your roller blinds will determine if it would stay longer, and in the perfect condition. Here are the tips and ways of washing the roller blinds in the right manner;

1. Dusting Them

To begin with, dusting is one of the most recommended first options for cleaning your roller blinds. To dust, you may use a brush, or normal broom, which would help you to get rid of the dust on the surface. This wouldn’t need much effort, as it is only done like the normal dusting. This will need you to do it each week, because the material also catches dust easily. When you dust your roller blinds, you would not just be removing the dust, but you will also be getting rid of the germs on your blinds. There could also be tiny insects that hang on to the curtain. It is a method that is recommended even by professional cleaners. Nevertheless, this method wouldn’t give you a sparkling clean blinds. You would need to include some water in the cleaning process. That is why washing is needed.

2. Washing

When you want to wash, you would want to use a detergent, for the sake of giving it a nice smell, and also, the detergent helps to get rid of the dust that is trapped between the spaces. When you are choosing the detergents, you should keep in mind that not any detergent can be used. Normally, an ordinary detergent might affect the blinds negatively. The fabrics and texture of the roller blinds may be affected by the detergent. For that reason, there are special cleaners and detergent that are designed for the Roman blinds. The detergent that you use for cleaning these blinds should be mild for the sake of the blind to sustain its state. Prior to purchasing a detergent for your roller blinds, you should consider the content. Basically, check that the ingredients in the detergent are not very concentrated. There are some chemicals in the ordinary detergents, which would cause the blinds look starchy, and shrunken. You can ask the seller about the best detergent for roller blinds.

3. Steam Cleaning

You can also steam clean your roller blinds, which helps to get rid of the hidden dusts and other germs. Steam cleaning is very effective, and it will also be easier, compared to dusting and using water. Basically, you are not exactly using water to wash the blinds, but rather, steam is what is used. The steam gets very hot, which helps to ensure that any germs and insects on the blinds are eliminated. You can also use detergent, which makes the cleaning process easier. The detergent should be the same as the one you use with water. Here, the detergent helps to give the blinds a fresher smell.

With the steam cleaning, you might not be needed to take longer like you would be, when dusting them. However, before steam cleaning, it is also recommended to dust the blinds. Busting will give the steam cleaning a simpler task. If the dust on the surface is removed, the steamer would work on making the surface cleaner, and getting into the dirt that is trapped in the spaces. Ensure that you use a steamer that is powerful enough to clean the blinds perfectly.

4. Dry Cleaning

Another option, which assures you of a sustained surface and state of the roller blinds is dry cleaning. In this method, you wouldn’t be using water anywhere. The main reason why this method is preferred is that it helps to keep the texture and overall fabric of the blinds in their perfect state. If you have the Roman blinds, you can comfortably wash them using a dry cleaning machine. For dry cleaning, it is advised to be carried out frequent enough, in order to keep the fabric in their perfect form. Dry cleaning will also sustain the colour of the blinds.


The Roman blinds are very unique, and they need a special cleaning. These methods will help to keep your roller blinds clean, and they will not affect the texture of the blinds. Always ensure that you have the right detergent with you. In case any of the methods seem difficult to understand, you can always contact the professionals. You may hire a professional cleaning company, which will have the right equipments, and experience of cleaning the roller blinds.

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