6 Ways On Cleaning Bathroom Tiles With Baking Soda (Updated)

While there is no doubt that bathroom tiles go a long way in making the entire room sophisticated, classy, and luxurious, keeping them clean and in good condition is not an easy job. Since bathroom tiles attract any dust and dirt, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it clean.

If it is not cleaned properly it not only becomes ugly and turns into an eyesore, the durability and longevity of the tiles also get reduced significantly. While using harsh chemicals might help remove dirt and grime from the tiles, they could damage the tiles and discolor and disfigure them. In such situations, the only option would be to replace them, which could cost a few hundred dollars.

How to clean bathroom tiles
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Furthermore, getting a few discolored bathroom tiles could be a tough task. Should this happen, you could have a bathroom where there could be bathroom tiles with different shades. To avoid this situation, it would be better to look for safe, natural,, and efficient cleaning bathroom tiles regularly.

Cleaning bathroom tiles
Cleaning bathroom tiles

Towards this objective of baking soda and using it in different ways and means could help a lot in cleaning bathroom tiles naturally. It will ensure that the tiles stay in good shape while the dirt and dust are removed without too much of a struggle.

How Sodium Bicarbonate Works
Sodium Bicarbonate is also referred to as baking soda, and it has several uses both inside the body and outside it. However, in this article, we will look at the various ways in which sodium bicarbonate could be used to clean tiles in the bathroom and make them look spick and span.

Here are different methods that could be used for making the best use of this cleaning composition. It can be used alone or combined with various other substances to make the simplest and yet most effective cleaning solutions. Over the next few lines, let us try and look at a few ways in which it can be used.

Cleaning with Sodium Bicarbonate
Cleaning with Sodium Bicarbonate

Using it alone:
It is possible to clean the bathroom using sodium bicarbonate alone without mixing it with other compounds. This is because it contains a special ingredient that is capable of fighting stains. You could simply spread some sodium bicarbonate around the toilet and also the tiles of the bathroom. It should be left to react with the stains for around 30 minutes.

After half an hour, all that you need to do is to flush the toilet, pour water, and clean the bathroom tiles. You will be surprised at the amazing results it offers in cleaning and removing dirt and stains. However, before using sodium bicarbonate on the above surfaces, you must be sure that they are dry clean. Doing this exercise, perhaps at night, could be a good idea.

It forms a substance called glycerol:
When baking soda is used in combination with certain substances, glycerol is formed. When it is mixed with vinegar, it produces a by-product called carbonic acid. This is a weak acid, which has the capacity to boost the corrosive action of sodium bicarbonate.

It gives it a bubbly impact the same that is felt when we open a soft drink bottle. Hence this could be another great way to use sodium bicarbonate with another product to remove stains and dirt from tiles in the bathroom.

Mixing baking soda with vinegar
Mixing baking soda with vinegar

Removing Soap Scum Using Sodium Bicarbonate:
Mixing lemon with sodium bicarbonate can also help remove stains and dirt on commodes and tiles used in the bathroom. All that you need to do is to get a few spoonfuls of lemon and mix them with sodium bicarbonate.

You should wear hand gloves and physically apply the solution to the areas with an accumulation of stain caused by soap scum. It should be left to react with the stain for around 30 to 45 minutes. All you need to do is wash away the solution, and you will find that it would have removed stains caused by soap scum quite effectively. However, the exercise has to be repeated regularly to have the desired impact.

Sodium Bicarbonate With Mild Detergents:
Though you could regularly use detergents and cleaning agents to remove dirt from your bathroom tiles, you could try and add sodium bicarbonate to it for getting even better results.

The corrosive property of sodium bicarbonate combined with the cleaning prowess of soft detergents could be very helpful in cleaning dirt and grime from tiles in your bathroom. The best point is that it helps the tiles retain their originality and does not damage or corrode it, leading to the tiles’ fading.

Cleaning toilet tiles
Cleaning toilet tiles

Use a combination of vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, and ammonia solutions:
If you have tiles in your bathroom that are dirty, grimy, and accumulated, and hard to remove dirt, then you could have a DIY solution available. You can use a combination of sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, and commonly available ammonium solutions.

The three can be extremely useful in removing even the toughest of dirt and accumulated grime. It will be useful in removing dirt accumulated in the space between one tile and another. All this it does without damaging the tiles one bit. Therefore it can be repeated over regular intervals.

There are also instances where you can make use of baking soda with other solutions. Though not very common, cedarwood oil combined with sodium bicarbonate can be extremely useful in coming out with a superb cleaning solution that is equal to soaps and detergents. Both are known for natural cleaning properties, and they complement one another. They are extremely safe and environment friendly.

At the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that there are many ways and means by which we can use sodium bicarbonate. The above are only a few examples. We do some research and spend some quality time. It will be possible for us to come out with at least a few more effective compositions that can help keep the tiles in your bathroom clean and good quality when used with baking soda.

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