End of Lease Cleaning - How You Should Clean?

Moving to another home can be stressful as well as an exciting experience for you as moving to a new place excites you, however, end of lease cleaning can be stressful for your especially when you are going to do it yourself. The things can be made easier by planning in a strategical manner.

End of Lease cleaning

Organizing end of lease cleaning

First of all, you should read the agreement of tenancy to find the extent of cleaning required in the house you are planning to leave. You should ensure to replace or repair if any of its parts have been damaged during your tenancy. If you ignore such things then the landlord can deduct its cost for your deposit.

DIY End of Lease Cleaning

If you are cleaning the house yourself then you should start cleaning it as soon as possible to complete the task by the day you have to move out. Though you can also hire a cleaning service but you can reduce your cost of end of lease cleaning by doing it yourself. You should start cleaning the house o the basis of your check-in record as well as the checklist of the initial inspection. You can start cleaning the house one-by-one as under:

Cleaning the kitchen

While cleaning the kitchen you should remove everything from the shelves and cupboards to remove all the stains and crumbs with a damp cloth and wipe clean all the appliances. You should also clean dishwasher and washing machine thoroughly. Then to clean the refrigerator inside out you should remove its shelves, racks, and trays to wash them with soapy water and dry them before placing into the fridge. Ovens usually have a large amount of grime deposited in them which again attract dust and dirt to make it dirtier. So you should clean it carefully and thoroughly or call a professional service for this purpose to give a good impression at the time of final inspection.

Cleaning the living room

Dusting and carpet cleaning are the two main cleaning tasks in a living room. You can use an industrial grade cleaning solution to stains from the carpet and vacuum it to improve its looks while dusting the living room you should focus on cleaning cabinets, shelves, TV stand, coffee table, and cupboards.

Cleaning the bathroom

Remove stains from everything including bath, sink, mirrors, tiles, and toilet, etc. in the bathroom by wiping them. Then ensure the clear flow of water in drains by plugging their holes. The blockage has to be removed if the flow of water is obstructed. Now remove lime scale and mold from the metallic surfaces including shower heads, drain grates and taps, etc. by spraying an effective solution on the affected areas. You can also use fresh lemon and white vinegar to remove stubborn lime scale form metallic surfaces in the bathroom.

Other things to clean

You should wear gloves and use a microfiber cloth to clean the washbasin.

The windows should be cleaned from inside as well as outside by using the right equipment or calling a professional service for this purpose.

You can wash your furniture after vacuuming it to ensure the removal of pet hairs, odors and stains by using dry solution for this purpose.

Check the marks of scratches on the skirting boards and walls to wash them off or repaint them with the same color, if washing does not work effectively. It is necessary for you as the landlord can deduct its cost from your deposit if ignored.

End of Lease cleaning

Check the washing instructions of the curtains provided on their label to clean them accordingly. While cleaning curtains you should also dust rods of the curtains and fabric roller blinds from both sides as well as repair or replace the damaged blinds to ensure their condition as per the inventory checklist.

Hallways and staircase
: Thorough cleaning of these areas is very important as they get a lot of traffic round the clock

The garden:
A garden is also an integral part of a house. So you should maintain flower beds, mow lawns and sweep up the leaves, as required.

Thus by following the tips provided in this write-up you can easily do end of lease cleaning yourself if you have time and want to do it inexpensively.
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