Essential Cleaning Tools That Every Home Should Have

During cleaning, the intended effects will be achieved by using the most appropriate equipment. There are several accessories that are necessary to achieve the desired results. We, therefore, present a few methods on how to clean up, and what to pay attention to when choosing cleaning equipment.

Dust fighting: cleaning equipment

Clash of dust is usually the basic phase of cleaning. Therefore, you should do this regularly. Here are some cleaning accessories that will help you achieve your goal:

Dust brush and microfibre cloth –
 perfect for removing dust from furniture surfaces. A damp microfiber cloth will be the most effective in this case. Polyester fibers will easily remove even the smallest dust elements.

Swab with a brush 
– for sweeping dust and small garbage.

Vacuum cleaner –
 it is indispensable in every home. Removes dust, hair and other particles from all hard-to-reach places that usually accumulate on carpets. The vacuum cleaner will effectively remove dust from all gaps and corners.

Means for disinfecting domestic surfaces

After getting rid of the dust, proceed to the next stage of cleaning. All greasy stains, stains, and molds can be removed with water and a small amount of detergent. Such dirt gathers primarily in the bathroom and on all kitchen surfaces. It is worth acquiring the following cleaning accessories:

Bucket with a mop –
 immediately after vacuuming, wash the floor using a floor washing liquid. In this way, we get perfect purity and fresh scent. In heavy soils and in households with pets, it is much more effective to wash the floors with water with a bit of Domestos. However, care should be taken that the animals do not walk on the wet floor or lick it so that they do not poison. Use a separate bowl with liquid and cleaning agent to clean all countertops and furniture surfaces.

Sponges and cloth –
 great to remove any dirt from most places in your home. Accessories are divided into different colors: a separate set of kitchen cleaning cloths and a separate set for the bathroom and toilet. In the absence of clothes, you do not even have to buy new ones – it’s great to cut an old t-shirt that has long gone out of fashion.

Window washer – 
it is a small squeegee that effectively cleans windows and glass shower enclosures.

Brushes with hard bristles and old toothbrushes –
 especially useful when you are struggling with more dirt, such as mold or stone deposits in the kitchen or bathroom. The toothbrush copes well with dirt in crevices and on the edges.

Bottle with washer – 
this is one of the most convenient ways of applying cleaning agents to dirty places. An example here can be Cif spray. It is, however, worth having a bottle with a washer in order to be able to use your household cleaning fluids.

Necessary additions

Rubber gloves –
 always remember about safety, especially when using products containing strong chemicals. Here it is also worth dividing them in separate colors for cleaning the kitchen and separate to the bathroom, toilets.

The toilet cleaning brush and washbasin pusher are accessories necessary to clean the bathroom. Together with toilet cleaning liquids, such as Domestos and toilet blocks, you will keep your toilet hygienic.

You should also consider the steam cleaning option, thus removing all dirt from the rugs. By using all the accessories on our list, you will make your home spotlessly clean.

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