How Much Do Aircon Capacitors Cost in Singapore?

With the era of globalization and super technology, there are new and inventive methods of technology coming into use these days to make our lives easier and comfortable. Similarly, considering the climate of Singapore, what is pertinent is the heavy usage of air conditioners in every homes and offices. Although there are number of devices and mechanics that go into the making of an air conditioner, but, any day, one would want a product which is reliable, less expensive and which speaks for itself. Aircon capacitors form a major role in the air conditioning unit. Its functions are not just restricted to jumpstarting the motor system but also ensure its smooth functioning so as for the air conditioner to do its job of keeping the room cool. In a country like Singapore where there is only summers 365 days a year, air conditioning along with its other equipments is of vital importance and has to be maintained properly and regularly. The information provided here will help you analyze this product in detail.

Aircon Capacitors

What is the importance of aircon capacitors?

These are electronic devices that help in storing charges in an electrostatic field. They stabilize the voltage and give the needed jolt to kick- start the air conditioner’s motor. Most the air conditioners in Singapore come with three motors. All three motors work on the efficiency of one aircon capacitor. Therefore, it means that if the capacitor stops working, it could cause serious damage to the air conditioning unit.

Primarily, it could be said that the aircon capacitor has three major functions:

They kick-start the motor
They help in signal processing
They aid in power conditioning.

Without the proper aircon capacitors to power the air conditioner, your machine would stop working optimally and fail to provide the desired results.

The breaking down of the aircon capacitor is a common incident in a country like Singapore. The main cause for the happening is the working up of the air conditioner for a longer period of time. The hot climate and the overheating of the air conditioner unit might blow up the capacitor. In such a situation, the air conditioning unit starts to produce a humming sound and the fan inside the unit stops functioning. This would therefore require the user to change the aircon capacitor in the machine.

More about aircon capacitors

Aircon capacitors come in a variety of designs and shapes ranging from cylindrical, oval, round etc. These are just marketing strategies because the size or the shape of the capacitor does not matter.

Secondly, it is important to note the voltage ratings of the capacitor. It must be ensured that the capacitor which is being replaced be of the same voltage ratings as the previous ones. In some of the cases, voltage ratings can be increased minutely. If one is unaware about the voltage ratings, the model number, and the ratings of the air conditioner would be helpful to providing that detail.

Another point that has to be kept in mind is the potency of the capacitors. Therefore, it is required to consider the responsible disposal of the device.

More dangerous is the disposal of a charged capacitor. It is capable of causing sparks which may lead to fires. Ideally, it should be disposed by connecting its two leads with metallic side of a screw driver.

How costly is it?

Typically, in a country like Singapore, the aircon capacitor would range from approximately $150 to $240 which is really inexpensive compared to the costly air conditioning unit it supports.

Since these are cheap devices, it is always advisable to purchase back up ones and keep handy in case of a break down.

The other cost factors include seeking professional help in changing the capacitors. Though, it could be undertaken as a do-it-yourself project, it is always suggested to call for professional help from authorized service centers.

Aircon Capacitors

It is also advisable to buy from a good brand company. Nevertheless, in the case of aircon capacitors, brand does not really matter. Aircon capacitors are more of a universal product and have a universal characteristic.


What is more important to note here is that aircon capacitor is vital for the smooth functioning of the air conditioner altogether. The above information makes it clear about the importance it plays in the entire schema of things.
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