How Often Should Curtains Be Cleaned?

If you are wondering how often you should clean curtains, this depends on a number of factors. The most basic rule is once every six months but there are other things you should consider. In Singapore, this should largely depend on where you are located and the time of the year. Curtains attract dust, bacteria, dust mites, grime, odor and pollen. If your windows are left open most of the time, they may tend to get dirty quicker. In addition, if you live in a busy street, more dust may find its way to your house. A house with many pets may also require the curtains to be washed often because of dust mites. If you have kids, it is recommended that you wash the curtains at least on a quarterly basis. This is also advised if you or someone else in the house has some allergies. If you check your curtains, you will notice that they have a lot of dirt trapped on them if they have not been washed recently. This can even cause them to change color or their attractiveness. Cleaning them is therefore necessary. You can choose to do it yourself but it is recommended that you leave the job to an expert curtain, cleaning company.

Why Should Your Curtains Be Cleaned By an Expert?

– You May have invested a substantial amount of money on the curtains therefore, they should serve you for long. Wrong cleaning techniques or not cleaning at all lowers their longevity. Different fabrics require varied cleaning options. In addition, you may not have the needed detergents to ensure they are properly cleaned.

– You May not have the time to do it. Many people in Singapore hold more than one job or have commitments that take up most of their time everyday. You may want to clean the curtains but may not have enough time to do it. Instead of leaving them dirty and unattractive, a reliable cleaning company can do this for you fast and to your satisfaction.

– When it comes to getting a company to do it for you, some may argue that this is an expensive option. What you need to realize is that a professional company will give you value for your money. It will be worth investing in one if you want the curtains looking their best for long.

– The other question you need to ask yourself is, are all cleaning companies reliable? Should you go for the cheapest one you find? Why do some charge more than others?

You will find that different cleaning companies charge differently. Some may do this to attract new clients while there are those that do it because they are not professional enough. You will realize that any reliable and professional cleaning company will charge an affordable rate that has been worked out depending on your needs and the type of services they offer. Their rates do not fluctuate from time to time. They also do not have hidden charges or change the terms afterwards.

Why is Choosing a Professional Cleaning Company Important?

Other than the fact that you are assured of quality services, there are many advantages that come when you take time to shop for a reliable company. Here are some of the benefits.

Professional Services

Have you ever dealt with a company or an individual who left you feeling frustrated and disappointed? They ended up wasting your time and money. This is what happens when you deal with a company that does not put the needs of its clients first. A professional company will take time to find out what your needs are. It will come up with an amicable solution that will leave you satisfied and at peace.

Normally such a company will keep appointments and advice you in advance of the procedures and requirements. You will also have the chance to choose either a home job or a pick and drop service.

Affordable Rates

Though cheap is not always the best option to go for and you should never judge the effectiveness of a company based on the amount of money they charge you, reputable cleaning companies always charge affordable rates. You will have different pay options and the rates are calculated based on your personal needs. If you go for a cheaper option, you may end up looking for another one, though their rates may not be as low because you did not get satisfactory services.

Experienced Staff

It goes without saying that for a company to keep its reputation growing, it must have competent workers. These are the lifeline of the company. When they do a good job, this continues to grow the reputation of the company. You will find that the employees are not only knowledgeable and experienced but they are also trustworthy, friendly and helpful. You can trust them to take good care of the curtains and the house at large when working in your premises. Most will go out of their way to ensure you get satisfactory services. The staff members will be efficient in everything they do from the time you call the company requesting the cleaning services until the job is completed. They will also save you time and money. When you make the final payment, you will realize that you actually got value for your money.

Advice on How to Maintain the Curtains-

If you want the curtains to serve you for long, you must know how to maintain them. This is important especially when you have invested a substantial amount of money on them. You do not want your curtains losing their color or tearing after using them a few times.

There is nothing as important and enjoyable as coming home to a clean and well kept home. Cleaning your curtains regularly should be part of this process. When you know everything in your home, including the curtains is clean, you will have more peace of mind. Contracting a reputable company to do this for you will also free your time so that you can do other things such as be with those you love.

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