How Often Should I Service My Restaurant Aircon?

Restaurants generally have a much higher temperature than most other public places. The buildup of heat can cause the premises to be uncomfortable and that is undesirable for any business. Restaurant aircon servicing is essential to make certain that the performance of the feature is exceptional. A poorly working system will result in stale odors being trapped in the rooms, poor air flow and even leaking water. The repairs that will be required when this happens are quite costly. The periods within which the maintenance is done will depend on a variety of factors.

Manufacturer’s Manual

The manufacturers of every type and brand of air conditioning systems have their servicing guidelines. This should be considered because the specifications for each are different and some are more efficient in their purpose than others. The instructions offered in the owner’s manual take into account the performance of their product in a simulated environment. Unfortunately, this cannot be the only consideration because the testing procedures may not specifically consider the conditions of your restaurants. Use the data presented in tandem with other variables to determine the ideal frequency.

The Environment

The immediate surroundings of the air conditioning systems should be factored into the number of times it should be serviced. Residential environments which are not exposed to extreme heat are usually serviced at least twice a year for optimal functions. In a restaurant, the demand that is placed upon the system is much higher. It is rare to find the aircon off even late at night. This means that for the same efficiency to be maintained even if it is the same model, the servicing will have to be more frequent. It is vital to note that the appliance is mechanical and therefore its components eventually wear away so preventive care will prevent breakdown.

Type of Aircon

Restaurant aircon servicing will be needed more often depending on the type, which does not necessarily mean the model. There are different systems usually installed in restaurants depending on the needs and budget constraints. Some are mounted on the ceiling or the walls while others can be placed on the floor. The cheapest one found in most public rooms is the wall mounted which is fairly effective but it is very prone to breaking and leaking water. This will require more checkups compared to something expensive like a ducted air conditioner which is very expensive and highly performing.

Energy Consumption

The aircon is responsible for a large portion of the electricity bill in a restaurant. There is a need to keep the place constantly ventilated and cooled and this will reflect on the consumption reports. However, people fail to analyze gradual changes in their electricity bill and assume that the month was more demanding. If the problem remains undiagnosed, it will result in eventual deterioration. Restaurant aircon servicing should be done to ensure that the functions are as flawless as possible. Even if it does not turn out to be the issue, it is important to be sure.

Refrigerant Charge

The refrigerant charge is considered to be one of the main items on a maintenance checklist for air conditioning. It determines the operational expenses for keeping the aircon active. Ideally, a refrigerant’s lifespan is quite long and the type that is used will determine its resilience. There are also other variables that directly affect the charge and even complete shutdown. In regular in-house maintenance, the situation can be casually observed and if any fluctuations are identified, a professional service should be contacted.

Poor Performance

This may seem like an obvious reason to call restaurant aircon servicing. Unfortunately most people do not seem to care about the quality of performance as long as the system is functioning. If the airflow is not cool and steady, this is a warning sign of a possible future breakdown. The causative problem could be the lifespan of the appliance or an external factor. Either way this is not a situation that should be ignored and it could save you and your business a lot of money.

The system should always be kept clean especially those that are exposed to grease in the kitchen area. You should also set up a maintenance plan for your premises to avoid accidental malfunctions. With the technology available, it is possible to create an electronic plan with a reminder on the schedule. Remember that preventive measures triumphs over repairs.

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