How Often Should We Service Fitness Centre Aircon?

Fitness centres require quality air conditioning services to create a comfortable environment for the patrons. With people involved in strenuous physical activity, there is sweating and a general feeling of heat in the room. Eventually, an odour can begin to accumulate causing discomfort to those inside. For the business to thrive a HVAC system is essential and it must be kept in smooth operation through regular maintenance and servicing tasks.

How Often Should We Service Fitness Centre Aircon?

The aim of aircon servicing is to maximize the benefits that are associated with the installation of the system. This ensures that there is humidity control that reduces the feeling of having sticky skin while working out. There is also temperature control that ensures that the environment is at optimum and the air quality is free of contaminants that could be potentially hazardous to health. There are different aspects that you should evaluate in order to determine how often you should carry out aircon servicing in your fitness centre.

Manufacturer Instructions

If you purchased your system from a reliable dealer, you will have a user’s manual that has detailed instructions on the maintenance needs. As long as the appliance is used as intended, this should offer insight on the demands of the appliance and how quickly components wear out. Ensure that the item has been designed for commercial use especially if the fitness centre is sizable and has many clients. However, it is important to remember that the tests carried out by the manufacturer apply to environments that are considered ideal for installation of the appliance. It is therefore advisable to use the information from the production manual alongside other considerations.

The Level of Use

The demands made on appliances determine the duration of time that they can maintain their integrity. To evaluate the level of use, study the regular operation time and status on regular days. For instance, is the system always on or is it switched off when there are no people within the fitness centre. If it is a large operation, there may be customers coming into the available spaces at almost all time. However, for small gyms, the hours of operation may just be morning and evening hours making the demand less. Increase the frequency of aircon servicing if your client timetable requires the system to be on at all times.

The Conditions

The state of the environment and the weather can affect the usage of the HVAC system making it necessary to move up the date for maintenance tasks. There are cooler days that ensure that the clients work out comfortably without the contribution of the aircon. However, if there is consistent heat in the gym and customer complaints on hot days even when the AC is operating at maximum, you should consider calling an expert to determine if improvements are needed.

Fitness Centre Aircon Services

Type and Model

With the advances in technology, there are new appliances with enhanced functionality. The market has a wide variety of choices to suit preference, purpose and budget. It is important to have knowledge of any item that is installed into the fitness centre. Durability and demand for servicing will be different for varying brands and models. High quality aircons will be initially expensive but only require minimal frequency for servicing. If you have a product that has poor reputation, you will need more maintenance to limit the possibility of a breakdown.

Age of the Aircon

Even the best aircon products cannot last forever and over time, they decline in performance. When you first buy and install your system, you will only require to perform servicing as outlined in the manual. However, the frequency needs to increase as external forces interfere with the components. This does not mean that it is should be thrown out but rather it should be given more care.

Performance and Efficiency

It is unfortunate that people fail to do aircon servicing and only call after a complete breakdown. Such an occurrence interferes with business operations and may cause you to lose clients. If you notice that the quality of performance has decreased even minimally, contact a maintenance expert. If the general energy efficiency recorded has declined especially without any explanation, the HVAC system may the source of the problem.

When looking for a reliable aircon servicing company for your fitness centre, make certain that they are qualified to perform the set tasks. They should offer quick solutions to all problems relating to air conditioning, good customer support and have tailored contracts. Evaluate the variable factors before planning a maintenance program.

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