How To Clean Toilet In 7 Easy Steps (Updated)

It’s very important to keep your toilet clean. A dirty toilet not only looks and smells bad but will be a breeding ground for many dangerous germs. Though many people don’t like the idea of cleaning a toilet below are 7 easy steps to make the task easier and more effective

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Video – 9 weird toilet cleaning hacks that really work

1. Remove any items around and atop the toilet and put on clean gloves- Remove any items from the toilet to prevent accidental falls into the toilet and put on some clean gloves.

2. Getting started- 
Using a damp cloth and hot water, wipe around the tank, seat, base, lid and the outsides of the bowl. This will help remove excess dirt on the toilet and disperse the cleaning product.

3. Squeeze an appropriate toilet cleaning cream inside the toilet bowl- 
Start at the rim and make sure to clean under the bowls lip. Let the soap sit for the next couple of minutes. Many toilet creams produce better results if they are given time to soak for some few minutes.

Read the products manufacture’s instruction on how to use the product. Use a toilet brush and scrub inside the bowl. Brush the bowl entirely, pay attention to the mineral stains that normally accumulate at the back of the bowl and along the water level. The more you scrub the better the results

Cleaning toilet bowl
Cleaning toilet bowl

4. Flush the toilet and continue to scrub, as the water drains- Flushing will clean the bowl and the scrubbing brush. Repeat several times to thoroughly rinse the toilet bowl and the brush

5. Close the lid. Spray the outside of the toilet with a disinfectant- 
Following manufacturer’s directions; spray the toilets entire exterior, not forgetting the top and bottom of the bowl. Wipe off the disinfectant with a sponge, rinsing often at the bathroom sink. Scrub where necessary and take note not to forget the back of the toilet as it collects a lot of dust and hair.

6. Cleaning the handle- 
Many people forget to clean the handle while cleaning their toilets. The handle is the chief avenue for the spread of dangerous germs given the fact that many people have to use the handle to flush after using the toilet. Spray the handle with a disinfectant and clean it thoroughly

Cleaning toilet
Cleaning toilet

7. Toilet tiles- Once you are done with cleaning the toilet the next step is cleaning the tiles and the walls. Spray the toilet tiles with the cleaning soap and scrub thoroughly. Finish off by spraying with a disinfectant spray to kill germs.

Wipe clean with a cloth or paper towels. Next, soak a cloth with the toilet-cleaning product and thoroughly clean the walls, scrubbing where necessary. As with the tiles, finish off by spraying with a disinfectant to kill any germs on the wall. Don’t forget the toilet door handle; spray the disinfectant before wiping it off with a cloth. Finish off by wiping off and replacing the items that were on top or around the toilet.

The toilet can be a breeding ground for many harmful germs, it’s therefore important to ensure you clean the entire toilet thoroughly using an appropriate cleaning cream and a disinfectant to kill germs. Don’t forget the handles, behind the toilet and all the other corners.

Bathroom cleaning tools
Bathroom cleaning tools

What you will need

· A clean pair of gloves

· Scrubber or sponge

· Toilet brush

· Toilet cleaning cream or liquid. It’s advisable to use an antibacterial toilet cleaning product for both the inside and outside the toilet

· Paper towels

Tips and warnings

· It’s advisable to use paper towels since they are disposable to avoid spreading germs. If you choose to use a cloth, wash it thoroughly, separately from other clothes

· Never use the toilet brush to clean the toilets exterior as this might spread germs from inside the toilet to the rest of the toilet

· Choose the right toilet- cleaning product and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s advice carefully

· Always keep cleaning chemicals and other cleaning products out of children’s reach

Now that your toilet is clean, you can keep it that way by practicing daily maintenance. One way of doing this is keeping soapy water in the toilet brush to swish in the toilet bowl every day to avoid dirt and gross build up. Don’t wait for dirt to build up, you can do simple cleaning routines everyday to ensure your toilet stays clean and germ free.

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