How To Clean Your Ceiling Fan In 7 Simple Steps?

Ceiling fans are common in today’s homes and help to keep the air cool or warm depending on the manner in which the blades are set. Like any other home fixture, ceiling fans often gather dust and therefore needs regularly cleaning. Even if the ceiling fans is utilising regularly, dust can collect on the fan, making it dirty. It is extremely important for you to ensure your ceiling fan is clean in order to enhance the quality of air in your room and maintain your health and that of your family. Cleaning your ceiling fans will also help keep the entire house free from dust build-up. Here you will learn how to clean your ceiling fan in 7 simple steps.

1. Turn your fan off

Turn your fan off and allow it to stop completely before proceeding to the next step. While this sounds like a no brainer, some people end up damaging their ceiling fan by not allowing time for their fan to stop completely and attempting to stop it using their hands. Allow the fan to stop completely by itself.

2. Put a tall ladder below the fan, but not directly beneath it

In order to reach your fan, you need to position a step ladder below the fan. The size and height of the step ladder will depend on height of the ceiling. A tall ladder will allow you to see all side of the ceiling in order to clean it thoroughly each time. For deeper cleaning, place the ladder below the fan.

3. Have another person assist in holding the step ladder in position

It is important to know how to set up the ladder correctly to avoid strains on the user.

4. Carefully climb the step-ladder to ensure you don’t miss any steps

Make sure that the steps are free of oil, grease, mud, ice, snow or any other slippery materials. In addition, clean any dirt from your shoes before you climb the step-ladder.

5. Rotate the ceiling fan blades in order to clean them individually

Some fans are designed to be simple and don’t come with any other feature on top of the motor part and the blades. Others are designed to be more decorative and feature several crevices which can trap dust particles. You can brush off most of the dust by using a dust, but you should use a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust. The fixture should also be thoroughly polished.

6. Brush the attachment with a vacuum to get rid of all the loose dust and dirt

If you have a special cleaner brush for your ceiling fan, use it to brush the blades by moving the brush in an up and down movement. If you don’t have this kind of brush, use a damp cloth to wipe the sides of the blades. Make sure that your ceiling fan is static and try to brush every part of the blade. Repeat this for all the blades to get rid of all the loose dirt and dust.

7. Remove any dirt from the ceiling

Chances are dust has accumulated on the ceiling and the areas around the ceiling fan. You can use a clean duster to clean this area thoroughly. If the fan is situated near a wall, then it might also have accumulated a lot of dust. This dust should also be removed.


Cleaning your ceiling fans on a regular basis will help enhance the quality of air in your house as well as assist in reducing the amount of dirt and dust build up on the fixture sin the room. Dusting should be done regularly to make it easier to take proper care of the fan. Every few months, a more thorough cleaning should be carried out to get rid of all the dirt and dust that builds up and might be misdeed during those lighter cleanings. Using standard cleaners, you can get the task performed. Special tools can also be used to help make the task easier and faster. Having the job done effectively is critical if you seriously want to take proper care of your ceiling fan and keep it working well for long. An individual should follow these simply cleaning steps and any safety suggestions to ensure no injuries or damage occurs during the cleaning process.

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