How To Clean Your Curtain In 7 Easy Step

No matter what kind of fabric you have for your curtain, if you will not wash in on a regular interval, then dirt and dust will take the toll and it will rot the fibres eventually. That’s why it is necessary that you do the cleaning on regular interval and here is a simple step by step guide that can tell you how to clean your curtain in 7 easy steps.
Remove the curtain from rod: In order to do the cleaning of your curtain first you need to remove it from the rod. So, take your curtain out from the rod before going ahead for the next step of cleaning. Also, when you remove it, then make sure that you do not apply any force for removing it and if it is located at a non reachable height, then use some stool or leader to do it in a gentle way.
Make it light:
Once you remove the curtain from rod, then you need to remove all the extras from it so you can make it light for easy cleaning. So, remove everything from your curtain that you can remove including heading table, hooks or any other thing from it. This simple step will reduce the weight of your curtain and it will make the cleaning easy. Also, this removal of hook and other things will make sure that it does not damage the curtain in any situation.

Remove the dust:
After you are done with the removal of all the extras from your curtain, it is suggested that you remove the dust and dirt from it before starting the cleaning process. For doing this you can simply shake your curtain with some force and in most of the cases it will remove a lot of dust and dirt from it without any problem.

Soak it in cold water:
In order to do the curtain cleaning in an effective manner, it is strongly recommended that you soak it in cold water before doing the rinsing process. After soaking it in cold water let it be there for some time and then move your curtain to other water mixed with detergent. Also, when you move your curtain to detergent water, then make sure you do it only after mixing the detergent completely in water.

Rinse thoroughly:
 If you are allowed to wash it in washing machine, then you can simply put your curtain in washing machine and you can rinse it thoroughly. If you can do only hand wash, then also do the rinsing in a very gentle manner to do the cleaning. Now try to squeeze as much water from it as much possible. Now just hang it in your hand and see if it’s still dripping badly or not. If it is not dripping anymore, then you can move to the next step.

Iron the curtain:
This might sound an annoying thing for many people but if you are cleaning curtain, then it is strongly recommended that you do the ironing while it is still damp. Also, when you do the ironing then do it in lengthwise so your curtain can get the actual length without any problem. In case you get any trouble for this or you find any issue of ironing due to dampness, then you can take some help of professional for this.

Hang the curtain:
After this you just need to connect all the hooks, tapes and other things with your curtain and you need to hang it on the rod. At the time of hanging make sure it is still damp because this dampness will help your curtain to get the actual size after cleaning it in easy manner. Also, this step will make sure you that your curtain do not get any marks in the middle of curtain due to hanging.

In addition to all the above tips, it is also recommended that you do the cleaning of tracks, windows and sills before hanging your cleaned curtain. This simple precaution will make sure that your cleaned curtains do not get any dust or dirt that is already there on the sills, window and tracks and this extra cleaning of other things will enhance the look of your house or room as well.

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