How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Kitchen?

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Kitchen? The kitchen is the place with one of the highest traffics in the house. While uniting family members together, the kitchen is also a storehouse for bacteria. Being indifferent to germs is the shortest path to a disease outbreak.

You are better off sticking to a kitchen cleaning and disinfection routine to ensure germs don’t grow and spread. Here is a kitchen cleaning checklist you should follow.

1. Sanitize counters

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Kitchen?

Besides accumulating visible dirt, the kitchen counter is also a hub for invisible microorganisms. It is totally unsanitary to prepare food on a germy countertop. That’s why you want to clean and disinfect it regularly so that bacteria doesn’t pass on food.

Start by cleaning the visible stains with a cloth and some dish detergent. Then, move on to combating the undetectable microbes. Mix a tablespoon of bleach and 3 liters of water. Spray the mixture on the kitchen counters and other surfaces, such as stovetop and sink counter.

The bleach will do a great job of killing all germs. Once you finish spraying, let the mixture naturally dry.

2. Disinfect sink and dish rugs

The sink area is the favorite destination of most germs. So if you intend to clean and disinfect the kitchen, the sink is the perfect place to start. Use a combination of water and bleach to sanitize the sink bottom, sides, and drain. Let the mixture air dry, while allowing for good ventilation.

Dish sponges and rugs are also victims of germ invasion. While they interact with much dish soap, it may be hard to believe that they are a hub for bacteria. Still, it is true, as the food particles end up on them, rot and give birth to bacteria.

Place the dish rugs in the microwave for 2 minutes to allow heat to destroy the bacteria’s protective cell. While this method works perfectly, you may also choose the strategy of replacing the sponge every two weeks.

3. Disinfect cutting boards

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Kitchen?

Cutting board may be a great transition platform for germs. Consider washing the board with soapy water immediately after cutting meat, veggies, or fruits. If any of these foods have been contaminated, the germs will easily pass from the cutting board onto other products.

That’s why you are better off staying safe and sanitize the cutting board every time you prepare food on it.

4. Clean refrigerator

While germs grow slower in the fridge, the appliance may need a thorough cleaning from time to time. Juice spills, sticky buildups, food residue, make the fridge a poor storage place. Make a point of addressing the dirt with a mixture of warm water and dish detergent.

Also, the refrigerator may accumulate unpleasant odors from the foods with sharp smells you store in it. Vinegar or a lemon juice spritz will do a great job of neutralizing pungent scents. It is strictly forbidden to use chemical deodorizers in the fridge.

5. Sanitize microwave

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Kitchen?

Food remnants in the microwave lead to sticky spots that are hard to remove if left to sit for long. To make your microwave perfectly clean again, place a bowl with equal parts of water and vinegar in it. Turn on the appliance and let it work until you see a cloud of steam through the window. Wipe the loose dirt with a wet and clean cloth.

6. Address the floor

Don’t forget about the floor. The food falling off the counter can make it a germ storehouse. Start with dipping a mop in a soapy solution to remove the loose dirt and stains. Then, switch focus to invisible bacteria. Mix 5 liters of water and 3 tablespoons of bleach in a bucket.

Soak up a mop with the mixture and give the floor a thorough treatment. Scrub with vigor the areas with heavy grime and germ buildups. Once you finish, let the floor air dry, while keeping the windows open if possible.

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Kitchen?Final thoughts

How to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Kitchen?

When you want to clean and disinfect the kitchen, start with the most germ-affected areas. The counters, sink, and dish rugs host the worst accumulations of bacteria and yeast. Sanitize them with quality disinfectants to stop the spreading of contaminants.

Floors, cutting boards, refrigerators, and microwaves also deserve increased attention. Follow the above instructions to ensure you sanitize these areas in an efficient and safe way.

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