How To Find Aircon Servicing Deals in Singapore?

The importance of finding the best aircon servicing deals in Singapore cannot be underrated. Singapore is very humid and working without an air conditioner may be next to impossible, whether in your home, office, school, or even when you go for shopping at the mall. This is precisely why it could be very easy to fall prey to non-professionals or companies who will end up doing a shoddy job. If your aircon is leaking, is no longer producing cold air, needs some cleaning for instance of air filters, or just needs maintenance, this is how to find the best aircon servicing deals in Singapore:

1. Talk to friends and family. They could recommend a reputable company which repairs or maintains their aircons. If not, they could know of one which could do a great job.

2. After getting a few names, it’s time to do some research.
 Visit the various websites. Are there any testimonials? If there are, read them and see what experience other customers have had.

What services do they offer? Can they effectively handle all aspects of air conditioning? Can they repair, install, clean air filters, drain pipes and fan coils?

For how long have they been offering air conditioning services? The longer the professionals have been in the field, the better. They have been able to sharpen their skills and would borrow from their wide experience to detect a problem and repair it quickly.

Have they put up charges? Are they affordable? There should be no hidden charges. Let them provide a forum through which one can get a price estimate. If their charges are too low, you need to look elsewhere, as it may be a sign of poor quality service. There could also be hidden charges that could later spring up. However, if they are genuine, you will get the entire break down- any parts that will be installed, and how much the labor costs.

Know what brands they deal with. This tells you that you need to know what brand your air conditioner is. It’s advisable to note the model number and read the manual. There could be some specifications about its repair or maintenance.

What warranty do they offer their clients? If there is any warranty, it shows that they are confident about their competence.

Their flexibility in terms of time is an important consideration. A company that offers air conditioning services 24/7 is the best to go for. They are able to handle emergencies, and can repair your aircon after working hours, without interfering with any work processes. This may look like a long, time-consuming process, but it is worthwhile for you to get the best aircon servicing deals in Singapore.

3. Contact the professionals.
 If they don’t have any contacts on their website, in directories, or in the local newspapers, then cross them out from the list. This is a red flag over their credibility. If there are contacts, they should promptly respond. This will be a proof of their efficiency. How do they handle their clients? Is there some professionalism? Are they welcoming and cordial? Get to know if they have been licensed to handle air conditioners. Are their technicians licensed and qualified?

If they do mention some former clients that you could know, contact them and get to know what their experience was like. If they are a reliable company, then you could go for their services.

4. At this point, look out for extras. 
For instance, social media presence. Over time, this has become very important for every company. On what social media sites are they present? How do they interact with their clients? What sort of information do they provide to customers? Do they respond to customers concerns?

The presence of a blog or articles will be an indicator that they feel that they are an authority in their field thus can provide valuable information to clients.

A qualified, experienced technician will advise you to call them in for maintenance at least twice a year. Their aim is not to extort money from you. They are trying to save you from emergencies and extra cost that could have been avoided in the first place. When a problem is detected early, it could save you from having to replace the entire cooling system.

There are hundreds of companies to choose from when it comes to aircon servicing. All may seem to have the best aircon servicing deals, but a closer look will tell it all.

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