How Do I Know If My Rug Is Dirty?

How Do I Know If My Rug Is Dirty? If your rug looks clean, it does not mean that it is. Many things make your rug dirty, including environmental changes. Everybody lies to themselves and pretends that they are living with a clean carpet.

But if your rug is dirty, it can lead to many hazardous health risks. When it is left unclean, toxins, bacteria, and other pollutants will make their home on your carpet, making it difficult for you to survive.

So, how do I know if my rug is dirty?

Rug Dirty: Cleaning Not Done Since A Year

There is always a suggestion to clean the carpet using steam cleaner or shampoo deeply once a year. If it is more than one year, then your rug may be 90% dirty now.

Nobody should keep the rug dirty without deep cleaning at least once a year. The way to clean carpet is your personal choice, whether to do it at home or call a professional. If you want your rug to provide you long lifespan, then you need to decrease the traffic of dirt and germs on it.

Fading or Discoloring

How Do I Know If My Rug Is Dirty?

It is the bitter truth that a single ounce of your rug dust contains up to 2000 dust mites live. It will sound weird or appalling, but it is the actual truth.

You may not keep your rug dirty for a long time because it does not only has dirt, hair, or other things, but also it becomes the home for many allergens, insects, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. The carpet may look fade due to this. Yes, it can be fading due to high exposure to sun rays also.

But if your rug is not clean, then the discoloration automatically occurs because of dirt, bacteria, mites, and many more.

The surprising thing is that the age of your home also impacts the carpet to get dirty quickly. Allergens and some other small pollutants are lingering in the air of the old house, making your rug dirty sooner.

Hence, if you see the fading or discoloring, consult with a professional once or have a deep cleaning.

Rug Dirty: Visible Stains or Dirt Spots

When you have your rug dirty or full of mud, you can guess by its appearance. The rug will look dull and dirty. If it seems messy by its look, it is high time to clean your carpet. Also, there is advice by professionals that you should keep your carpet clean all the time.

If your carpet gets dirty, you can see some carpet stains or dirt spots, which can be a significant sign to clean because those spots or stains can get permanent on your carpet.

Rug Dirty: Carpet Release Bad Odour

How Do I Know If My Rug Is Dirty?

Everybody wants their home to look fresh, feel fresh, and smell fresh, along with being hygienic. But in the family, many spill accidents, shoe mud, and so on can occur, which can lead to disgusting smells.

Carpets can result in hazardous impacts to family members before you know that the source of the fragrance is from your rug dirty. When the mud or dust comes to the ripening phase permanently, it starts smelling bad.

You should avoid keeping your rug dirty because when it becomes the home for many bacterias and germs, your carpet will release a foul odor if not cleaned on time. Carpets can get messy for many reasons, such as people walking or lying on them, body oils, pets, shoe footprints, and so on.

Kicking Your Allergy Problem

If you have any allergy issues, you need to be extra careful and keep your rug clean. Pollutants, dust mites, and allergens can not only make your carpet dirty but also worsen the air quality of your home indoors. It can start kicking your allergies back and can cause breathing issues.

If you observe an increase in allergy sickness, then it is another significant sign that there is a fair amount of dust or dirt gathered anywhere in the house, and most probably, it might be your carpets.

Suppose you notice yourself or your family members facing severe allergy problems.

In that case, it is the appropriate time to clear your rug deeply as dust can lead them to sneeze continuously or cause respiratory problems, so ensure to clean your carpets and keep them free from traffic of bacterias, germs, and other microorganisms.

Rough surface

The rough feel of your carpet can be a sign that it is not clean. Hence, if you notice an uneven surface on your carpet, then you must call the expert or clean it with home solutions according to your preference.

Most of the professionals also utilize carpet shampoos and other cleaning products to keep the carpet get the shine like new as earlier.

Pets Urine or Lying

Pets move outside and come back to your home; they can bring dirt and bacteria along with them. Pets usually rub themselves against your rug and furniture, displaying some pet dandruff or hairs on the surface. So it is always a good idea to have carpets clean deeply once.

Carpet also gets stains due to pet urine, mud footprints, and so on, leading to discoloration. But when your stains dry off, then tackling it may be challenging. Thus, deep cleaning is an essential task to do.

Your Vacuum Bag Seems Full Quicker

How Do I Know If My Rug Is Dirty?

If your vacuum bag gets fuller faster, then it may be the fault of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. But it may also be the fault in your house such as dirty carpet.

If you need to change your vacuum bag often these days, your rug may be responsible for this. So, your vacuum bag is getting full from the high amount of dirt hidden in the carpet fibers. Clean your rug once if you do notice such a problem.

How Do I Know If My Rug Is Dirty?Summing Up

How Do I Know If My Rug Is Dirty?

So, it is essential to keep your rug clean always. And whenever you find that your carpet is looking dry or heavy in weight, then prefer cleaning it. Many signs show your carpet is dirty, and it is high time to clean it thoroughly. You can have a call to a professional, or you can also do it at home with DIY solutions. If you notice any sign from the above rundown, then take action wisely.

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