How To Polish Your Marble In 5 Easy Steps

Marble is a preference flooring material for most of us because it has a long life span compared to other flooring materials. It is also resistant to bacteria and is easy to clean. However, there is a misconception that marble surfaces do not need maintenance because they are stone. On the contrary, marble surfaces need to be maintained regularly so that they can be in good shape. With time marble surfaces scratch and lose their shine when subjected to friction, acid spills or when not cleaned with proper cleaning products and methods. It is important to note that different marble surfaces need different maintenance depending on their location.

· Some ways of polishing marble.

Polishing marble can be a “do it yourself” job provided you are ready to learn and follow the dos and the don’ts to the latter. The two main methods of polishing marble are: dry polishing and wet polishing. Dry polishing is less tasking than wet polishing but care must be taken when dry polishing to protect yourself from inhaling dust. Though it can be a DIY job, it is wise to test your skills on a piece of marble that matches the marble on your surface so as to see the aftermath of your job before trying your expertise on your surfaces. When you are using the polishing machines you need to be extra careful and time conscious so that you don’t leave the machines concentrated in one location, the machine should be hovered over the surface evenly so that is also polishes evenly. If you don’t do so it might perform deep cuts in some areas and others shallow resulting in uneven polishing.

· Benefits of using marble polishing companies

Even if you can do the polishing and maintenance of your floors by yourself, it is best to leave the experts do it for you. Professionals are able to do a variety of care and maintenance services on your services and the aftermath of their work is always remarkable because they are doing what they are best at. For instance, a deep polishing of a professional will result in a brand new shine that an amateur will not be able to attain. It is best to seek the services of a marble polishing company since you are guaranteed of the best results even if you are spending more. After doing care or maintenance services they are most likely to give you some tips on how you can maintain you surfaces and have them shinning all the time.

· How to care for marble surfaces

Since marble surfaces are prone to wear and tear, they should be polished regularly so that they can maintain their look. But in between polishing they should be cleaned using a neutral stone cleaner so as to avoid corroding them. Stains should be treated as soon as possible because it is easier to remove fresh stains than removing old stains. Polishing is expensive, therefore you should reduce the frequency at which you have your marble polished by not exposing it to conditions that will make it scratch, lose its shinny appearance or acquire permanent stains. Marble surfaces that are in places that come in contact with water should be dried immediately after use so as to avoid hard stains. Marble showers should be resealed after six months so as to safeguard them from damage. Last but not least, you should remove stains using products that don’t corrode or dull the surface with time.

· Qualities of the a good marble cleaning company
First and foremost, it should be a reputable and well established company that has a good service policy for their customers. The company should also be highly rated both in terms of their customer services and the policies that they have that protect your property as their customer when you have entrusted your property to them. You should choose a company that mainly specializes in marble maintenance and cleaning because that is their area of expertise and they will definitely offer the best service. A good company should create a close customer relationship, for instance after they have done some polishing in your home, they should advice you on how to maintain the floor so that it can continue to be vibrant for a long time.

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