Is Aircon Dry Mode Really Useful? (Updated)

Is Aircon Dry Mode Really Useful? For a more improved and comfortable stay at our homes, we seek the help of air conditioners. These vital devices help us regulate the temperature to desirable levels. Apart from using the AC to regulate the temperature around your house, it is also used to regulate the level of dust and humidity in your place.

Due to their versatility, they are much more preferred to ceiling fans. At times the weather in Singapore could be unforgiving and living without an aircon system would make your life unbearable. Most of the time people who purchase aircon systems rarely go through the manuals to learn of the different features. Below are some questions that arise regularly:

Cool mode vs dry mode vs fan mode
Aircon cool mode vs dry mode vs cool mode

What is aircon dry mode?

This feature is found in some more advanced models and they tend to cost more than the usual aircon systems. Whenever a room is humid even with the presence of sunlight in the room the conditions won’t change.

The absence of an AC in a humid room creates high levels of discomfort since what the humidity in the room does is trap heat which gets into the room thus leading to an increase in temperature. Most of the central cooling and window units are fitted with this feature to help reduce the level of humidity in a particular room.

Since Singapore experiences the monsoon winds which bring the extra humidity in the air, at times it can get to high discomfort levels.

The dry mode in most air conditioners uses silicon to filter any moisture. It works to reduce the humidity levels and purifying the air around us. Ensure that you close all the windows and other openings when the dry mode is switched on for more efficiency.

When should you use dry mode?

Different aircon mode
Different aircon mode

The dehumidification mode should be used when the weather conditions are humid and at night. You can also use the dry mode when it is hot to try and lower the temperatures and cool things down. The prime function of the dry mode is to filter out any excess water in the air and reduce the humidity levels. This feature saves on energy and thus reduces the cost of using an aircon system.

The health problem not only makes the dehumidification system a popular choice in homes, but it also scores points for lower energy consumption. A healthy environment would mean that you and your family are protected from allergies.

The dry mode indirectly prevents a variety of other problems that often affect your home when it is too humid. Prevents rancid and unpleasant odor, which is often associated with high humidity, and also prevents the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew. I am sure that you are aware that mushrooms, molds, and molds are never a good sight for the eyes and can affect your health.

While we notice the health benefits of using a dehumidifier in your home, it is also worth noting that a humid room increases the dust mite population in bedding and other surfaces. This can be a total nightmare for allergy sufferers who also suffer from the heat.

Aircon in Singapore
Aircon in Singapore

By reducing the humidity in a room with the help of a dehumidifier, you can reduce the dust mites in the room, which makes life easier for those who suffer from these allergies.

In addition, dehumidification mode can help prevent technical and aesthetic damage to the equipment and structure of your home. Condensation in electrical appliances can cause malfunction and more money to replace it. The high humidity can also oxidize the metals and damage the delicate surfaces of the wood, causing stains.

If your aircon system has a vent at the top, you can place it against a wall. If this is not the case, make sure it is not near walls or furniture to allow the air to circulate properly. Make sure all windows and doors are closed when using your you have the dehumidification mode as this will allow for more efficient operation. For the homeowners who are budget conscious, they can go for a portable air conditioner that can work in one room only.

To thoroughly treat the air in your home, placing the aircon system in strategic places would provide a more suitable and efficient solution. In addition, they provide use minimal energy which means they do not use a lot of energy which saves you a lot in terms of paying bills. Maintaining humidity levels has many many benefits for many households, and dry mode can be your only way out!

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