Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Velvet Curtain

In today's world, even housewives turn into working moms; which means that it has become difficult for them to maintain a “lovely” home. Due to this kind of lifestyle, it seems like there will never be enough time to do the chores that are needed to be done. Singapore is a very rich country and even the ladies try their best to be productive. Likewise, despite their hectic schedule, they still try their best to maintain the cleanliness of their home, especially their curtains. To make things a little easier, you could hire an effective laundry service that would do everything for you, for a considerable amount of cash. However, if you're planning to clean your velvet curtains by yourself, it's possible, but you should be familiar with the things that must be avoided. You don't want to ruin your gorgeous curtains, but achieve remarkable results.

Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Velvet Curtain

Here are the cleaning mistakes that you should avoid:

Skipping Pre-Cleaning

If you're not aware; before cleaning your curtains, especially velvet, it's important to do a pre-cleaning first. This means that you should remove any dirt or dust residue that has accumulated on the fabric over time. You could use a soft-bristled brush for this and brush any dust or dirt from your velvet curtain. Likewise, a vacuum would also be helpful. This would ensure that all the dirt and dust have been efficiently removed. Also, it's advisable to brush the velvet in only one direction-- using the velvet brush, to achieve optimum results.

Ignoring the Curtain Specification

Another common mistake, especially in Singapore would be this. In fact, there's a huge percentage of Singaporean residents who fail to go through the specifications of the item. The reason behind this would be, most of these people have a busy schedule and reading the cleaning instructions is perceived as wasting one's time.

Keep in mind, the curtains aren't all the same and different types have various specifications and requirements. Thus, it's important to read and follow the cleaning instructions carefully. Some curtains have a manual book when you purchase them. This book contains most of the important guidelines that you should know.

Failure to Clean the Product Regularly

The cleaning process is very important, especially if you want to get rid of all the unwanted impurities from your velvet curtain. Additionally, this also helps in eradicating the harmful microorganisms that grow on the item. Considering that, one of the most common cleaning mistakes that a lot of people are guilty of is not cleaning their velvet curtain regularly.

If you want to maintain the quality of your velvet curtain, it's necessary that the fabric must be cleaned as often as possible. On the other hand, if the item is not regularly cleaned, this could lead to irritating spots-- better known as mold. Aside from making your curtain look dirty, this could also be harmful to your health.

The Use of Harsh Chemicals to Remove the Stains

It's inevitable; a curtain may have some dirt spots, and this could provoke the homeowners to use strong chemicals just to make these disappear. The problem is, most of these harsh chemicals could actually damage the fabric, especially if it's used carelessly. Likewise, some of these cleaning materials aren't even recommended for velvet curtains anyway. Fortunately, most Singaporean curtains have their own stain removal products that you could purchase separately. So, as much as possible, do your research first and opt for safe cleaning products that are also suitable for spot removal.

Cleaning Your Velvet Curtain

The Use of Unsafe Materials

Most homeowners fail to fully examine the contents of their chosen curtain cleaner. The result? This leads to a lot of people using unsafe materials while cleaning their velvet curtain. Before purchasing your favorite fabric cleaner, it's advisable to consult some laundry experts first. They would give you an idea in regard with the safest and most effective products that you can use. There are a lot of materials that are made from organic ingredients, and these are considered to be effective in removing stains, while being health-friendly at the same time.

Wrong Methods of Drying

It's never advisable to use high heat on velvet, or putting a hair dryer too close to the curtain itself, because it could cause some damage to it. Velvet curtains have the ability to dry on its own, but if you're in a rush, you could also use a hair dryer instead, but ensure that it's 5-10 inches away. Once the material is fully dry, brush the velvet in one direction using a soft-bristled brush.

Failure to Prepare the Equipments Needed for Cleaning

A lot of Singaporeans usually neglect to prepare the equipments they're going to need. These people don't even know the importance of preparation, that's why they think it's not really essential. As a rule of thumb, before cleaning, you should always get the equipments ready. Some of the recommended tools that you must prepare prior to the curtain cleaning process, includes vacuum cleaner, liquid sprayer, and clean cloth. Preparing in advance is a great way to save time and concentrate more on cleaning the fabric.

Not Consulting Professional Curtain Cleaners

A lot of people believe that washing the curtain is no rocket science. Thus, there's no need to consult professionals for this. Likewise, there are a good number of busy people, and they rely on laundry experts to get the job done. Hiring professional cleaners know what they're doing, because they've been doing that for several years. This only implies that they probably know better than you. Hiring these skilled people could make it easier to keep your curtain free from dust and dirt. There are a lot of laundry cleaning services that you could choose from. These experts could give you a guarantee that your curtains would be cleaned within a little amount of time, and you don't even need to wait.


In case that you've decided to store your velvet curtains, you should follow some storing guidelines. This would help your velvet curtains stay fresh and ready next time you're going to use it. Folding could result to creasing and bruising, that's why it's advisable to roll out your curtains instead. However, if folding is the only storage option for you, you could place a tissue paper between the fold and this could minimize the bruising and creasing.

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