Must Part Time Maid Hold A Legal Work Permit To Work in Singapore?

Sometimes, busy working couples or even a mother who has just given birth may be in need of the services of a legal part time maid to help with the house chores. Such services come in handy especially in a large apartment where cleaning is hectic and tiring. However, finding the right maid for the job maybe challenging because the part time maid must hold a legal work permit to work in Singapore.

The good news is, there are cleaning service companies that you can go to when you consider hiring a part time maid. The cleaning services company, however, may have to invoice you periodically from time to time, mostly monthly. There are potential repercussions when you seek the services of a maid who is in the country illegally. It means that even though they may be working through an agency, they must have a valid working permit to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

If you discover you are involved with a part time maid who lacks work permit, stop using their services immediately. The best thing for you to do is report the company to the relevant authorities immediately; otherwise, you may be putting yourself in great danger. In a case where the maid is a foreign domestic worker for a given family, the consequences include being sent home and the family she works for could have to pay heavy fines. It does not matter how good she is at her work, or the rapport between the two of you, the consequences may be damaging. Moreover, if her permit shows the family she is working for as the employer, she is not allowed to work for any other family. On the other hand, if her work permit is showing a cleaning services company as her employer, then that company could assign her to do work for any client of the company who needs her services.

Prior to hiring a part time maid, a Singapore homeowner needs to perform a thorough background check to avoid falling victim of unreliable maids. Some of the benefits derived from the services of a part time maid as opposed to a full time maid include privacy. Sometimes a family may need to be alone without a third party getting involved in their family affairs. While, privacy may be important to a family, they still need help with some house chores from time to time. Therefore, they need a maid who will only show up in their house once or twice a week to take care of house cleaning. The good thing is that the maid may sometimes finish the work early and leave the family to enjoy all the privacy it deserves.

The most important factor that should not be overlooked in desperate attempts to get a maid quickly and ease the workload, is finding a legal part time maid. The families seeking the services of cleaning companies should ensure that those companies are legitimate and only hire legitimate employees. Otherwise, they may get into trouble with Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower who is very strict regarding such matters. Failure to comply with the ministry’s regulations attracts hefty punishments.

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