Best Home Spring Cleaning Tips For New Year

We surely love this season, with the weather at long last starting to warm up, the sun begins to sparkle and everything looks somewhat more brilliant. As always on a dazzling spring day, we open the windows to let the air finally in and guarantee our blinds and curtains are completely open so that the daylight can sparkle straight through our homes, lovely isn't it... until the point that you all of a sudden begin to see such dust!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Having a good spring cleaning is incredible for yourself and for your home; a great chance to make everything sparkle, feel fresh and ready for hopefully a great summer ahead. Whether you are about to start your new year spring clean in the coming days or weeks or are way ahead of the game and have already gotten started, have a quick look at these top tips to ensure that you have everything under control...

Don't Do it All Alone

It is your home and naturally, you will know exactly what needs doing and where but don't try to attempt it all yourself. Giving your home a spring clean from top to bottom all by yourself may seem like a doable task but it's hard! Make it easier on yourself and get the whole family involved, you'll be surprised as to how easier and faster it all goes!

Get the Tools

From cleaning liquids to brushes, sponges and endless mop heads; when it comes to cleaning the house from top to bottom you'll need all the right tools to do so. Stock up on the essentials and if you're getting the family involved consider creating 'spring clean kits' for them so no one can say they've had to stop because they've run out.

Ensure a Clean Entry

Believe me, the top-to-bottom buffing wouldn't be as appealing as setting a sparkling doormat can. That's the first impression you create, especially for people, which incidentally happens to be the majority, who won't be touring other parts of your house. Plus, they also exist to serve a purpose: being the first in line to receive tracked-in dirt. Dust them and/or wash them. Give them the toughest cleaning that they can handle without having their edges roughed up or their appearance spoiled.

Spring Cleaning Tips


One of the surprising parts of spring cleaning is realizing just how much clutter we accumulate. Whether it is one too many pairs of hats, scarves, and jumpers, a row of old snow boots or anything else. Before you begin home cleaning, organize everything, de-clutter and put away what you don't need. 

Room by Room

When it comes to spring cleaning, it may seem like a good idea to tackle several areas at once but this seldom works and you'll soon find yourself giving up! Take things one step at a time and consider starting room by room to ensure that you don't get overwhelmed. The kitchen is always the best place to begin; clear the fridge, the cupboards and give the old worktops the deepest clean they've seen in a while and then move on to the next room. Vacuuming under those designer sofas, while waiting for the freezer to defrost and the bathroom floor to dry up after a good mop might seem like good multi-tasking but you risk burning out before you can finish.

Refreshing Your Carpets and Upholstery

It never ceases to amaze me how the carpets in living areas and bedrooms turn dull in spite of the thorough vacuuming they get. Maybe, we are a little too conscious to note how our much the carpet has suffered, in particular, the high traffic areas, from the mix of mud to germs and body oil. Now that they are a shade darker, it pays to have a few tips up your sleeve, ready to kick off cleaning faster and without it being much of a challenge.

Do the vacuuming first. It's great if you've been doing it at least once a week because that means you have maintained the dander and dirt to the minimum. However, now is the time to be detailed in your approach and let your vacuum trail around furniture legs, under it, and across the baseboards in order to cover the nooks and crannies that you might otherwise have missed.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Second, look out for carpet stains; even though you cleaned them as they appeared, they may manifest again. One trick might be to make a solution that's 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar to spray over it. Place a clean damp rag on it and iron with the steam setting for approximately 30 seconds to remove the stain and transform your carpet.

Follow it with a similar mix of equal ratios of vinegar and water in your steam cleaner. Add in a few drops of essential oil too if you like to control the smell. For synthetic carpet, you might want to rent a shampooer or extractor. Place the legs of your furniture atop a small wax paper. Let it dry before you set the furniture again. Test it out on a small unobtrusive patch first to ensure it isn't doing more harm than good to your carpet or if you are worried, call in a professional cleaning service as is usually recommended for wool carpets or rugs

Whether you own a small flat or a large family home, a good spring clean is a fantastic way to make yourself feel good. You might dread it or perhaps you're one of those people actually looking forward to your spring clean, either way, keep the above tips in mind to ensure however you attack the pesky seasonal polish; you don't crumble under the pressure.

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