Shopping Malls Disinfection Service Tips

Shopping Malls Disinfection Service Tips – Shopping malls are the busiest places in any city and serve a large number of customers daily as shopping and entertainment venues and restaurants.

Therefore, they require the safest way of effective cleaning and disinfecting to remove dirt, soot, and debris left by heavy pedestrian traffic, to create a pleasant environment for everyone and to prevent accidents and falls on slippery roads.

Although shopping malls may seem expensive and difficult to clean, there are some tips you can follow to make cleaning easier.

Hiring Disinfection Service Providers

Shopping Malls Disinfection Service Tips

Hire professional cleaning companies that have the equipment, consumables, and trained staff to ensure that their premises are clean and customers are satisfied.

A good professional cleaning company is licensed and insured to protect you and your premises in case of problems. You do not have to worry about hiring and training staff, dealing with payroll issues, or providing benefits.

If someone calls in sick, you do not have to worry about your shift. All problems belong to the cleaning company, not you.

Most cleaning companies have their areas of expertise. Some specialize in medical cleaning, some in financial institutions, and some specialize exclusively in household cleaning. The cleaning of the shops is no different.

These crews have experience with large venues such as a shopping mall, and the staff is capable of doing it.

No Mops and Buckets

Shopping Malls Disinfection Service Tips

To clean the floors of large shopping centers, it is no longer necessary to use mops and buckets. Cleaning is a long and tedious process of spraying dirt on the floor. Even worse, it makes the floor wet, which increases the risk of accidents due to falls and slips.

For safe and effective floor cleaning, invest in an inexpensive automatic floor cleaner that effectively removes dirt and debris from the floor and dries immediately. This allows customers to use the floor immediately after cleaning without the risk of a fall.

It also eliminates the difficulties associated with permanently laying tiles on “wet floors”. Also, the system can remove salt and dirt from entrances, as well as leaks in food service areas and restaurants.

Fight Dirt at the Entrance

Shopping Malls Disinfection Service Tips

To prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering directly through the doors, the mall management should place the carpets inside and outside all entrances. The mats will collect dirt from customers’ shoes, preventing it from spreading throughout the facility.

However, the carpets should be checked and cleaned regularly to make sure they are doing their job.

Disinfect Restrooms

Clean the restroom. Wear disposable gloves. Clean all sinks and hard surfaces with an antibacterial agent. Replace used consumables such as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. Spray one cleaning agent per toilet and clean the sides, seat, and interior of the toilet.

Use the toilet brush in the toilet and be sure to remove any stains that are difficult to remove. Wash the toilet. Add colored detergent powder to the bowl. Leave perfume in each toilet using a spray or automatic deodorant. Take off the gloves and throw them away.

Place Garbage Can Every Place

Place a large garbage can in every place where there are garbage cans in the shop. Pull out the garbage bag in front of each bin. Tie the bag and throw it in the bin. Attach a new bin liner to each bin.

Tie a knot at the end of the bag so that it does not fall into the bin if a customer or employee throws something at it. Tie a large bag in the bin to the wheels and throw it in the bin.

Have a Detailed Strategy

Once you have the right tools, create a specific floor cleaning plan. Make sure that the floor is cleaned at least once a day. You can also expect leaks to actively reduce the risk of falling.

Check staff regularly for leaks and wet areas such as toilets, entrances, and canteens. Go beyond the cleaning staff and encourage all personnel to alert the cleaning service immediately in the event of a leak or danger of running.

Shopping Malls Disinfection Service Tips – Wrapping Up

It may seem like hard work, but with the right tools and the right cleaning schedule, mall floors can be spotless 24 hours a day.

Proper floor cleaning and maintenance will not only improve the atmosphere in the mall and increase shopping comfort but will also significantly reduce the number of complaints due to slips and falls.

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