The Right Type of Air Conditioner Unit for Your Home

Do you need an aircon in your home? Do you know when to hire an Air Conditioning service? Well, this is the right place for you. Having your aircon serviced is a crucial thing you can do. Since these items can help to control the temperature in your home, you are going to want to ensure that you have them in their peak working order. That means you are going to need to have a professional that can come out and service these items and help you to handle any problems before they come up as well.

Air Con unit for your home

The company you choose is what you need to put into consideration. Depending on the setup of your system, you may need the help of a residential or a commercial company. When the aircon company comes, they will help in inspecting your unit. They will look for things such as breaks, leaks in the hoses and extra things that can heavily cost you a lot of money and things that could potentially cause serious damage to your unit if they are left unrepaired.

The aircon company will set aside the required time to ensure your unit is clean. They will assist in preventing the accumulation of dust and other materials from turning into an issue that can affect the unit. When looking at air conditioners, you can see that they are classified into different types based on their portability, shape, and principle. Some air conditioners are designed to cool a small space while others can cool several rooms or the entire home. If you are unsure which type you would need you can talk to an AC installation contractor to see what they suggest. Types of air conditioners are:

Room air conditioners

This type of air con is made to cool very little space and is less expensive than installing a central air con system. With this type, it will only give you cool air where you require it. Most of the air con is plugged depending on the voltage. Ensure that you get the correct one for the voltage of your home. There are two types of room air conditioning systems.

• Wall-mounted

They are very similar to the window air con, but the difference is that when they are installed, it is permanent. The main advantage of this type is that it is efficient and the installation does require an AC contractor.

• Window

This type has the capacity of cooling approximately an area between three hundred and eighteen hundred square feet. You can easily install them and remove them without hiring a professional to do it. The vertical units are installed on windows that have vertical sliding, while the horizontal units, the installation is done on windows containing horizontal sliding.

Portable air conditioners

These units are small and provide cooling to a very small room or area. It would not be a sufficient AC for a large room unless you used more than one. These have an exhaust hose that needs to be vented out through a window. The units can be shifted around your home and put in windows where cool air is needed. They are the ones that are the least expensive.

Central air conditioners

These are the most efficient and expensive air cons available in the market. These units will sustain a consistent humidity and temperature of your room. They are of two types.

• The packaged units

This unit contains a built-in heater that will give you heat and is the one that is used in large buildings, malls, and movie theaters. The compressor, evaporator, and condenser are located outside.

• Split system

In this unit, the compressor and condenser are located in a metal cabinet outdoors, and indoors you will find the evaporator.

With either of these units, you will need a professional Aircon contractor to install them. When you want to buy an air con, there are a few extremely important points that you must consider before making the purchase. Below are the points you must think about before purchasing that new air conditioner.

1. Determine Your Budget

A budget will determine what air conditioning system you can afford. Air conditioners range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for the fully ducted systems. By working out a budget before you go shopping, you will automatically narrow down your search preferences. By having a budget, you are also more likely not to overspend. It is very simple to overspend on aircon so ensure you adhere to your budget.

2. Air Conditioners Location

Before looking in the shops for your HVAC system, determine where you want to place the system. Some air conditioners will need to be on a wall or in a window, while ducted systems may need the outdoor compressor to be located on the side of the house. Whichever system you are looking at, be sure to have a few possible location ideas in your head so you can discuss these with the contractor. There is no point purchasing a system and then realizing it cannot fit anywhere!

3. Choose A HVAC Brand

Before leaving home, do some research into what brand of air conditioning you are after. The internet is an incredible tool for looking into different brands. By doing your research, you will probably find relevant and unbiased information. Most air conditioning contractors will simply tell you their brand is the best, so have your research prepared, so you know what system you are after.

4. Choose a Contractor

You need to pick an HVAC contractor that you feel both secure and comfortable with. Don’t choose a contractor based on price alone. Instead, do your research to find a contractor who is professional, reliable and comes with references.

By having this piece of information in your fingertips, you shouldn’t make any weird decision as far as the types of air conditioners are concerned. Take your time, choose the best company for the best services, and don’t forget your budget and everything will turn out well.

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