Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice

 Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice. Maintaining the hygiene of your home‘s toilet is a necessity that also has the bonus of making your toilet smell nice. You don’t have to buy expensive cleaning products or hire a plumber; all you need are some materials and an hour to give your toilet a nice cleanup.

Whether you have a toilet, shower, or bathtub, these tips can help make your toilet clean and smell great again. Read on!

Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice:

1. Clean your toilet more often.

It might sound counterintuitive to clean your toilet more often, especially if you’ve been so thrilled with the way things smell lately. But in truth, regularly cleaning your toilet bowl is the best way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

The first step is to scrub the bowl every day or two with a toilet brush and some disinfecting cleaner. This should keep any particularly gross particles from lingering in your toilet bowl, so they don’t get a chance to ferment and get stinky.

2. Open the window.

It’s surprisingly easy to overdo it when you’re trying to freshen up a room, especially when it’s filled with so many scents and air fresheners.

A simple solution is to open the window. The fresh, outside air will add a natural scent to your room, and won’t risk clouding the bathroom with synthetic odors. This should keep things fresh and make you realize that this simple solution does work.

3. Use an air freshener spray.

If you find it more practical to use a small spray bottle of an air freshener in your bathroom, then by all means use one!

These sprays can be used in most general areas of the house, not just bathrooms, so it provides a quick way to add a fresh scent without having to do any extra cleaning or fussing with the toilet bowl.

These sprays are also generally made with less harsh chemicals, which often makes them safer for your children and pets than aerosol products or perfumes that contain harsh chemicals.

4. Clean your towels more often.

Washing towels is a simple task, but it can easily become neglected as it’s not an exciting chore to tackle. Don’t be afraid, though – by simply cleaning your towels more frequently, you’ll be able to keep the smell of your bathroom fresh for longer.

Just because a smell isn’t “permanent” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect the mood in a room. By cleaning your towels regularly and adding in some specific detergent, you’ll find that your bathroom will be much more pleasant for longer than you’d initially expected.

5. Clean the floor, walls, and handles around the toilet.

Cleaning the walls, floor, and especially the handles around your toilet will go a long way toward making your bathroom smell nice. The tub drain cover is covered in a soft, porous material that can quickly become unclean, so be sure to keep it clean with a soft cloth and some mild soap.

If the walls of your bathroom happen to be painted, it’s also very important to keep them clean as well. These walls can be grimy from years of someone living in the room, so make sure you give them a good scrub down with a mild detergent and water every once in a while.

6. Take out the garbage more often.

Believe it or not, your garbage can and the trash, in general, can become very stinky. Your garbage you might want to take out every day, while some might go a week or more between taking it out.

Either way, it’s important to keep this area clean and fresh as much as possible. So by taking out your daily or weekly trash, you’ll be able to cut down on a lot of bacteria that can make your bathroom smell less than pleasant.

7. Use a Diffuser.

Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice

Diffusers are a great way to add your favorite scent to the air in your toilet. They come in a variety of styles and are available for both the home and car.

You can find them at most major retailers and drugstores. They’re easy to use and simply put out the scent into the air. This is a nice option for when you aren’t home, or if you want to keep your bathroom smelling nice and fresh even when you’re out of the house.

8. Use Your Favorite Fragrant Soaps.

Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice

Instead of using any soap that you might have on hand, try finding a soap that you love the smell of. There are so many different fragrant soaps available that you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your bathroom.

Plus, having it in a place where you can easily see and smell it will keep your bathroom smelling nice even after you’ve left the area. No need to hide it away when you can appreciate it yourself.

9. Keep Your Towels Dry.

This tip is another simple way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. If you haven’t cleaned the inside of your shower or bathtub recently, and you’ve got a towel underneath it, then you might be stinking up everything in that area by leaving a damp towel sitting there. Instead, simply keep it dry so it won’t get dirty or wet and create bad smells unless you’re using something like a body spray or body lotion.

10. Store Away from Moist Areas.

Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice

This is a great way to remember that your bathroom is an area that needs to stay clean. So when you’re getting ready for work and putting your things together for the day, make sure that you place things out of the bathroom and put them somewhere else instead to keep them fresh.

Place the towel in your bedroom, the toiletries in a drawer in the bedroom, or even wrap up all of those deodorizers you got to put away somewhere else so they don’t emit bad smells into other rooms in your house.

Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice – Conclusion

Ways To Clean And Make My Toilet Smell Nice

When it’s all said and done, a well-maintained and clean toilet will be better for you and your family. It’ll smell better, look better, be less likely to cause problems for you in the future, and make everyone more comfortable when they’re using it. The only thing you have to do is remember that the bathroom is not a place that should be ignored. It’s a place that needs attention so it can stay clean and fresh all day, every day.

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