What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

Air conditioning has always been an integral part in our lives. Anytime it gets hot, we find ourselves in desperate situations. This is where air conditioning contractors take advantage. They strategize on how to make maximum profits by using unethical ways

Aircon Cleaning

In Singapore, an air conditioner that is properly working is an essential electrical instrument for every household. For an air conditioner to function properly, it needs regular aircon servicing. A wide majority of people are unaware of the most important and basic things that concern aircon servicing. People are not aware about these secrets since technicians try to be secretive about such issues for obvious reasons. But again, if you are interested of knowing the best hidden secrets about servicing Aircon's, this is the right forum. This article will be of great importance to you. Below are the details;

- Coolant is essential

Any time you hire the services of an untrustworthy aircon servicing company, they will never let you know that the coolant’s proper level is amongst the most important things required for an air conditioner to function properly. Anytime you ignore the amount of coolant on the air conditioner, you create a lot of complications and problems. These problems include high electricity bills as well as extra loads on the air conditioner. This also makes the aircon vulnerable to other complications that may require you to unnecessarily use too much money while maintaining it.

- It’s important to change the filter regularly

An aircon filter is also another important ingredient as far as aircon servicing is concerned. Manufacturing companies of air conditioners recommend that the filter of the aircon unit should be changed regularly. The regular changing of the filter reduces the load on the aircon unit. It also makes the home to have some cool and fresh air. But again if you try to ask technicians about this, they will always try to hide these facts away from you so that the aircon experiences more complications. Such extra complications automatically increase aircon servicing costs. This means while you lose money on one hand, the repairmen and technicians are making a kill on the other hand. It’s for this reason that they try to be secretive about this issue. It’s for their own survival

- Placing of outdoor units is important

Most aircon servicing companies never tell you that doing a proper placing on outdoors is important for proper functioning and cooling of the air conditioner. When the aircon units are kept at a cool and shady place that has proper ventilators, it puts a lesser load on the aircon unit giving you a better cooling. It also creates fewer damages on the aircon unit saving you the extra cash that you would have used while doing aircon servicing. It’s therefore obvious that the HAVC people will always try as much as possible to keep this a secret so that your aircon can experience more problems so that they can do some maintaining and servicing work on it. To avoid such problems, you must install the outdoor unit inside a place that has a proper shade. Do not keep it where it can access direct sunlight but ensure that the place is properly ventilated

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- Its essential to seal off the room

It’s important to seal off the room. If you have leaks inside the room or if the windows are not properly sealed, the aircon unit will be required to work much harder in order to cool the place. This means that the aircon will experience some problems that may be costly in the long run since you will be required to do some aircon servicing. If you don’t have a room that is well sealed, its time to take preventive measures for the same. Seal the ducts and the window before using the aircon again. When you do this, you will see a great difference as far as cooling is concerned. This will save you the money that you would have used on aircon servicing

- Proper ducting matters a lot

Proper ducting is also another important thing that you might never hear from aircon servicing companies. If your aircon duct has some leakages, the air conditioner will not be capable of doing proper cooling and this will require you to service it. Proper ducting can save the coolant from leaking. It also reduces the load from the system and this makes it work much better. This will also save you the cash that you would have otherwise used on aircon servicing. The importance of carrying out a proper ducting remains a top kept secret amongst aircon servicing companies. Any time you hire the services of an aircon servicing company, pay attention on the air conditioner’s ducting part to get better services from the air conditioner

- Load reduction is important

It is true that you can never have control on heat or humidity but making an attempt to reduce it is possible if you use some tips and tricks. If you want to reduce heat you can use the binds on the window to reduce the sunlight that enters into your room. This reduces the heat inside the room and affects cooling as well. Trying to keep the room cleaner is also another option. This reduces the loads on the air conditioner unit. It’s also important to turn off all the electrical instruments that aren’t essential at that particular moment. This will assist your conditioner to function properly. But again most air conditioner companies will never share such tips with you since the moment your air conditioner becomes less problematic, the lesser profits they make. So it is in order to say that this is also another top kept secret that is related to servicing of Aircon's.

NB-If you do not do a research on the right way to perform an air conditioner cleaning, you will most likely fall on the traps of aircon servicing companies. New technologies are coming up every day. You must ensure that you are up to date to avoid becoming one of the victims. Falling victim is always costly; you can always use that cash that you would have otherwise wasted to do other important things

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