What Is The Cost of Curtain, Rug and Sofa Cleaning Service in Singapore?

Are you searching for carpet cleaning services in Singapore? Well, the recent demands of carpet cleaning services have increased like never before. Singapore aka Lion city ranks fourth in terms of world finance and is successful in a number of industries, cleaning industry being one of them.

Curtain Rug Sofa cleaning

It is widely believed that the residents of Singapore were not very used to the concept of carpet cleaning due to a few myths and misconceptions. They also regarded it to be very costly. With time Singapore has overcome all the misconceptions. Singapore probably has the most affordable prices for its cleaning services. Let's get into details to provide you with some insights about these cleaning companies

Popular Cleaning Procedures Used by the Cleaning Companies are

Carpet Shampooing

The use of circular motorized brush with the introduction of foaming cleaning products to clean rugs and carpets is known as shampooing. The process is followed by rotatory machines which is completed by wet vacuuming.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

When your carpet gets heavily soiled it needs pre treatments and pre conditioners to break or emulsify the binding components of the social. Detergent is what which is used to get the job done. In dry-cleaning process this detergent is mixed with a liquid and is sprayed all over which helps in emulsifying or breaking the components down.

It is then treated in specialized machine which use the method of VLM ( very low moisture ) to get the cleaning done.

Hot Water Extraction

The process is also known as “Steam Cleaning". This involves the spraying of hot cleaning solution onto the carpet under pressure which is then extracted quickly by a vacuum source. The technique is supported by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as it removes way more contamination than any other technique. IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) has also favoured this procedure over others. The only drawback is it uses a lot of water.

Services Offered by Carpet Cleaning Companies

There are a number of services provided by the cleaning companies which aren't just limited to washing and drying the rugs and the carpets up. They are:

Mattress cleaning
Carpet Stain Removal
Upholstery Cleaning
Curtain Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Sofa Cleaning

These services aren't just limited for households but also for commercial businesses houses be it large or small, government agencies as well as schools and that too at affordable prices.

Advantages of Having Cleaning Services

Carpet and rug cleaning is not a very simple task to do. It needs a lot of special care and is also very drainage physically. Drying big wet carpets are also another challenge specially if the weather is rainy or cloudy.

It gets the work done usually better than what you could do at your home. Also, the services provided are quite cheap and reasonable.

A number of cleaning services now have free pickup and delivery facilities. This makes the entire procedure even more convenient.

Curtain Rug Sofa cleaning

Costs of Carpet Cleaning

As said before it is a very popular misconception in Singapore that carpet cleaning is quite costly whereas it isn’t so at all.

The commercial carpets may cost anywhere between $0.175 to $ 0.60 for each square feet which depends on factors such as the size of your carpet or the time taken to clean it.

The cost of residential carpet and rugs can go up to $120 or above depending on factors such as the number of carpets and rugs as well as its delivery and pick up site. The usual price of sofa cleaning can range anywhere between $60 to $200 depending on the number of seater your sofa has and how big it is.

There are people who are scared of the hidden charges but nothing at such really happens. The companies charge the amount which is mentioned on the price lists. If they guarantee free pickup and delivery they mean it for real.

Cleaning your carpet, rugs, curtains and sofa covers back home is way more difficult. It takes away a lot of time but still can't provide you with the same quality like the cleaning services. Being professionals they provide deep cleaning which is certainly not possible at your home. Also, they use a number of machines and techniques which helps in better cleaning. Also, due to its affordable prices it is now possible for anyone to get these services at the comfort of their house. The companies also provide free pickup and delivery facilities which makes it even more easier.
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